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Salvation Army Essay

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The Salvation Army uses the Aristotelian appeals, ethos, logos, and pathos to convince the audience that donating to their company will provide hope to underprivileged people around the world. Utilizing the image of distressed children for provides the use of pathos, logical facts for logos, and their company’s creditability for ethos. Affecting the advertisement the most dramatically, is the idea that donating to the Salvation Army is a way to give hope to individuals who are affected from natural disasters. Visually, a young boy is holding another young boy, who is most likely, his brother in his arms. Covered in dirt and cuts, the boys are also wearing tattered and ripped clothing. In addition the boys have no shoes, showing their damaged dirty feet. A bottle on the side near the boys has dirty water in it, displaying the idea of no clean drinking water. Correspondently, the children are sleeping on dirty stairs showing they are homeless with no food, clean water, and no clean clothing. On the bottom right corner of the ad there is the Salvation Army logo. Near the bottom there is the contact information to donate and learn more about the charity. Similarity, there is also a small memo describing what the donation provides to individuals in natural disasters and what they will receive from the Salvation Army. For example, it provides emotional support and helps the injured and heartbroken people. In bold font “Giving Hope Today”, is written on the advertisement, providing the idea that donation to the Salvation Army is more than just providing necessary support and needs to individuals affected by natural disasters, but it provides hope and a future.
Ethos is used the least in this advisement, mainly by displaying the company’s respectable name and logo. The Salvation Army is a well know and credible charity in the Untied States of America as well as in the majority of the world. Ethos applies that the advertisement is supporting fundamental rights. For example, the advertisement says that it provides the necessary needs and support that individuals need after a natural disaster. Additionally, the advertisement provides contact information to verify their credibility as well as allow a reference to communicate with about the company if and individual would like to donate or receive more information. The Salvation Army logo grabs the attention of the reader by displaying a brand that is trusted and valued towards the welfare of victims around the world.
In the ad, the main element of Aristotelian appeals is pathos by providing the audience with the visual image of how small children are affected and displays how terrible the effects have on them. Causing the individual to feel as if something has to be done to give hope to children who have nothing. Showing the younger children with a bottle that has dirty water, gives the essence that even the basic needs...

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