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Salvation By Earl D. Radmacher Essay

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In the recent past a lot of books have been written with the religious perspective in mind and the purpose for that has been that the people have been drifting away from the faith and those who have the know how about the thing feel that is it part of their duty to bring the people back to their faith. So it is the process of making the people realize that there is something wrong with their way of life and although it has not been an easy task but many have been trying and most of them have had a history on the related field. One of the best books on the chosen topic may be that of Salvation by Earl D. Radmacher which was also helped on in the editing by the famous Charles R. Swindoll. The message in the book is simple and it is just like the drum on which the God has been beating hard enough for a very long time. They have just tried to repeat what has been said a million times already but in a very unique and a different manner. They seem efficient and they have a certain touch to their approach. They are not willing to let go while at the same time they know what their goal is and it is the way of writing, which would make the reader sit through it all and they would read the book till they finish it. So it is a religious as well as spiritual work but done in the modern day language and it is not a tale but a complete story of what we may have wanted to hear for a very long time. People should be more worried about the after life because that is the eternal life and we have to be worried about the things that would last forever. We should be doing things that will work for our salvation in the after life because there will be no worldly things to support us. We need to be on the move and we need to make sure that we are right on track and it is this fear about the after life that keeps us on the track. If we do wish to work for our salvation that we would be giving up things for good and there would be nothing to motivate us. This is not the case and we should be looking upon the life as a gift and it is about time that we should be able to rise to the occasion and we should learn to appreciate things. We have to look upon the life as a gift, which we need to utilize and live to the fullest because there are motives there are reasons behind everything that we do. Everything is planned for us and that is why we need to understand that our tenure on this earth is a time of testing. It is a gift but it has to be lived to the fullest and we have to be able to maintain the balance between the life herein and the life hereafter and the only chance that we are going to get to resolve the issues is by sitting here and doing the right things at the right time with the right frame of mind. We need to be more careful and we need to take things at face value and causality is something that ought to be avoided because that is something that takes us away form our goals and objectives and if we are so drawn in the problems of life we will not be able...

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