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Salvery Affect All Parties Involved Essay

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Slavery, vile, heinous and wicked was the norm for many southerners. The Fires of Jubilee: Nat Turner’s Fierce Rebellion written by Stephen B. Oates helps further this argument with gruesome details of the barbaric and brutal practice of slavery. It describes the long working hours, the lost of dignity and the degradation from human beings to nearly animals. Slaves were forced to toil the scorching fields for countless of hours without a chance of improving their occupation, social status or how they lived their lives. Fredrick Douglas stated “At this moment, I saw more clearly than ever the brutalizing effect of slavery upon both the slave and the slave owner.” From a distance slave holder did not seem to come away from slavery with any harm. This is far from the truth. This is far from the truth. Slavery caused slave owners to degrade into brutes after being brutalized by the evil of slavery. The validity of Fredrick Douglas’s statement is unquestionably accurate.
The most visible form of suffering slaves had to go through was the brutal physical burden. The great amount of intense and exhausting work led to many slaves becoming sick “in consequence of being over-worked” (From Slavery 356). Many slaves were force to work to such an extreme that their bodies could not handle the intenseness and amount of time they were required to work. One of the more tedious tasks slaves were forced to do was picking cotton. “They picked until their shoulders and fingers ached to the bone” (Oates 22). Slaves also had to endure brutal and typically unwarranted physical abuse. James L. Bradley describes a time “when I was a boy, about nine years old, he struck me so hard that I fell down and lost my senses. I remained thus some time, and when I came to myself, he told me he thought he had killed me” (From Slavery 356). There was no such thing as too much in the eyes of owners and overseer when it came to abusing slaves.
Even though the physical toll and work was brutalizing to a slave “they are as few gains of sand on the sea shore, or a few drops of water in the great ocean, compared with the stupendous wrongs which it inflicts upon the mental, moral and religious nature of its hapless victims. It is when we contemplate the slave as a moral and intellectual being can we adequately comprehend the unparalleled enormity of slavery and the intense criminality of the slaveholder” (Former Slave 353). One of the most brutal aspects of slavery was the way many Africans were introduced to a life of servitude. As young children slaves were allowed to play with and develop friendships with white children. During this time these children were innocent and were oblivious to the great degree of change their young lives were going to experience. When the time came slave and white children were divided “into free and chattel- into the blessed and wretched of their Christian world” (7 Oates). At a young age, while still innocent, slaves were condemned to a brutal life of...

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