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Sam And Crowley Meet... Cas? Essay

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Dean pulled the Impala into the garage and parked her in her spot. During the drive, Cas had crawled further and further into his lap in his sleep. His head was resting on top of his thin, folded arms which were leaning on Dean’s left leg. The remainder of his torso was on Dean’s right leg and his legs were curled right up against his side. The trenchcoat had migrated with him and was draped over most of Dean’s lower half. He really didn’t want to wake the poor kid up, but he had to stand up so that he could take him inside.

“Cas.” Dean whispered lightly in his ear, gently removing the trenchcoat from the boy’s upper body. “You got let me stand so I can bring you in.”

“Mmmmmmm, Dean” Cas moaned sleepily, lifting his head off of his arms and pushing up off of Dean’s lap.

“There you go, let’s get inside.” Dean cooed. He stood and picked Cas up off the bench seat and placed Cas’s little head on his shoulder, brushing his left hand in those dark locks and putting his right arm under Cas’s body, easily carrying the barely conscious boy into the bunker.

When they got inside, Dean went to the living room to put Cas on the couch but found Sam there taking up the entire thing while dozing and watching some random documentary. Dean tapped his head from behind with the hand that wasn’t supporting Cas and Sam shot up immediately.

“You’re back.” he exclaimed, mood turning wary when noticing a small body in Dean’s arms. “Who’s the kid? Where is Cas?”

“Shhhh. He’s just waking up. The poor kid fell asleep in the car. Actually, this is Cas. Metatron jumped us and did some kind of bizarre angelic spell. At least, I’m pretty sure it was angelic. He was speaking Enochian.” Dean summarized hastily before putting Cas down in the space Sam left on the couch.

“What?” Sam looked back and forth between Dean and Cas incredulously. “What are we going to do? We can’t just let him be this age forever.”

“I know. He seems okay for now. Looks like we’ve got a lot of research to do.” Dean nudged his brother.

“You think?” Sam asked sarcastically.

“Dean? Sam?” came Cas’s small voice from the couch. “I’m hungry. Can you make me a cheeseburger, Dean?”

Sam and Dean looked at each other than then back at Cas who was curled up in a ball on the couch, staring up at them with pleading eyes.

“Cheeseburgers are my favorite and you make the best cheeseburgers.” he added sincerely, nodding his head.

Sam looked at Dean once more, stunned by the sound of Cas’s voice.

“Please?” Cas squeaked out. He reached out with his tiny, porcelain hand and took Dean’s larger, calloused hand, tugging on his fingers weakly.

“Sure, Cas.” Dean conceded, picking him up once again and bringing him into the kitchen.

Sam followed his brother and sat across the table from Cas, still in a state of shock. His brother had left Cas in the same chair as he had that morning, but now he could barely reach the table.

“Are you okay?” Sam questioned him worriedly.

“In a manner of speaking, yes. I am...

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