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Marilyn Sheppard’s Death
On July 3, 1954 in Cleveland, Ohio, Sam and Marilyn Sheppard were entertaining guests at their house.1-4 Sam had spent most of his day in surgery at the osteopathic medicine hospital his family owned.1 When Sam got off work he headed to the Ahern’s house, their neighbors, and picked up Marilyn and Chip, Sam’s son.1 The Adhern’s, including their children, followed Sam back to his home were they made dinner and then watched TV in the living room.1,2 After participating in the chit chat of the evening, Sam became tried and laid down on a couch in the living room and quickly fell asleep.1 He remembers Marilyn trying to arouse him to say she was going upstairs to go to ...view middle of the document...

1 Sometime later Mayor Houk and his wife arrived at the house, they entered and Mrs. Houk went upstairs immediately.1,2 Mayor Houk located Sam in the den and noticed that the room had been searched.1 Drawers were pulled from the desk and Sam’s medical bag was open on its side with items strewn across the floor.1,2
Mrs. Houk found Marilyn on her twin bed with her legs hanging down from the bottom of the bed, with blood collecting under her torso.1,2 Marilyn had lacerations on her head and face.1-4 Mrs. Houk yelled for her husband to call an ambulance as she quickly came back down the stairs.1 At five fifty-eight a.m. Mayor Houk reached Patrolman Franklin Drenkham who then called for an ambulance.1 Mayor Houk then phoned Dr. Richard Sheppard, Sam’s brother.1 Drenkham arrived and shortly thereafter more police officers and an ambulance arrived.1 Richard arrived at six ten a.m. and was met on the lawn by Mrs. Houk and informed him that Marilyn had passed away.1 Richard went upstairs, checked for Marilyn’s pulse and determined there was nothing to be done to help her, he came back down to inform Sam.1
At this point, it was determined that Bay Village police could not handle this alone.1 Drenkhan called the Coroner’s Office and Cleveland Homicide...

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