Sam Houston Biography Outline For Oral Presentation To Include Intro, Body, Conclusion, Transitions And References

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SAM HOUSTONINTRODUCTIONGreeting: Good afternoon. The purpose of my presentation is to familiarize you with the "father of Texas," Sam Houston.Overview: Today, I will cover:I. The YouthII. Friend of the CherokeeIII. The Military CareerIV. The Political CareerV. The Battle of San JacintoVI. Post Battle CareerVII. The Deathof Sam HoustonDEVELOPMENTTransition: According to many, including the author of the Biography of Sam Houston, John Hoyt Williams, Sam Houston is considered the "father of Texas," but before I get into the reasons why, I'll discuss some background on Sam Houston.I. Young Sam Houstona. Born March 2, 1793, Rockbridge County, Virginiab. Father - Sam Houston, Brigade Inspector and Major in Virginia Militiac. Mother - Elizabeth Paxton Houstond. 5th of 9 childrene. Father died in 1806 - family moved to Blount County, E. Tenneseef. Farming community - hated farming became a storeworkerTransition: Obviously, being a storeworker wasn't his cup of tea either. Sam Houston ran away from home at age 15 and lived with Cherokee Indians in Eastern Tennesee. I believe that it was here he was introduced to his fierce "warrior mentality."II. Friend of the Cherokeea. The Iliad, by Homer instilled a desire for individual heroism, honor, excitement and prideb. Being brave, chivalric, and living off the land was appealing to himc. He found this life with the Cherokee Indiansd. Chief Oo-Loo-Te-Ka admired his tenacity and took Young Sam under his wing.e. Taught him the language and the ways of the land like woodlore, hunting, stealth and tribal customsf. Through this he also acquired a taste for alcohol and was frequently drunkg. After very brief returns to civilization, he spent the rest of his time with the tribe under the name "Raven", until 1812Transition: Young Sam Houston then returned semi-permanently and enlisted in the U.S. Army at age 19. He did this because he didn't want the War of 1812 to go on without him. This brings me to his military career.III. The Military Careera. Was selected to be a Drill Sgt in his 1st month at boot camp (Size and background were instrumental in selection. It was war.)b. In 1813 he was commissioned as an ensignc. In 1814, wanted to fight, received his first command as a 3rd Lt and fought against the Creek Indians, War of 1812, under Andrew J.d. Shot once with an arrow (leg) and twice with a musket (arm and shoulder)e. Courage admired by Jackson - promoted to 2nd Ltf. 1815 - War ended, Jackson became commander of South Army, in Nashville, Tennesee. Lt. Houston served on his staff.g. Late 1817, Jackson sends Houston to mediate a deal between the Govt and Houston's old tribe and succeeds.h Resigned from Army, March 1, 1818 because of being accused of slave and alcohol smuggling to Indians (guilty of 2nd charge).Transition: There'll be more on Sam Houston and his military career later in this presentation, but after his stint in the army, he entered law school and was admitted to the bar. He practiced law in Lebanon,...

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