Samantha Taylor Com254 Summer 2014 Project

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In this project we were asked to go to a website hosted by Global Voices. From here we were asked to look up different articles in three specific groups such as Education, Indigenous, and Youth. As stated on the assignment page we were to read the selected articles, watch the associated video(s) or view the associated photo(s) or read the reader comments in order to obtain a fuller perspective on each of the stories you have selected. Now I will explain each article that I have chosen along with any videos or pictures that were associated with the articles.
The first article I chose was from the Education group. I decided to look for a video with this article. The title of the article is “Video on Murder and Corruption in Trinidad Goes Viral” which takes place in Trinidad and Tobago. The video itself is called “Murder and Corruption in Trinidad. In the video a man by the name Daniel Gold of Vice News heads out with the Northeast ...view middle of the document...

I selected this article because it amazes me that children of all ages get mixed up in the scene of drugs and guns. From what I gathered from the article and the video is that many people live off just drug money alone. It makes my heart ache to here that every day there are multiple shootings just for this reason.

Moving on to the next article I decided to lookup was Indigenous with pictures. I came upon an article called “Taiwan’s Indigenous Oppose Trade Deal with China.” In this article the indigenous people of Taiwan are opposed to the trade agreement that is between China and the island. The indigenous people feel that their culture will be put in jeopardy. Amongst this they are worried that once the deal is pasted then their ancestral land will become building grounds for tourist attractions and accommodations. For this includes the destruction of their language and many other situations. The image in this article shows a woman adding leaves to a small fire. These fires were started to warn their people and their society against the trade agreement. Along with her there are a number of people standing in the streets with her holding signs of protest. Now don’t get me wrong but I never understand the many differences between China, Japan, and Taiwan. But it shows me today the no matter where you live home is home. I would not like it if someone was going to come in my backyard and tell me what I was going to do. These people have their own way of living. They do not want people coming in and using them as tourist attractions.

Lastly my third article of chose was Youth with reader comments. Now this was one of the hardest ones to choose. I am a mom of two young boys, so when I see anything that has to deal with children, I just have to read it. The article I chose was “The Courageous Career of Slain French Photojournalist Camille Lepage.” This told a story of a young photojournalist that was killed in Bouar, Central African Republic, while trying to inform many about the violence taking place. Due to the many violent outbreaks against unarmed civilians that were brought on by the war between the Muslims and the Anti-Balaka for the control over the territory.

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