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Same Family, Different Lives Essay

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When growing up, people live different lives, even when brought up in the same household. In the story “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” by Junot Diaz, the protagonist is a young overweight Dominican Republic nerdy boy, who lives in New Jersey. All Oscar wants is to find his true love, but he constantly gets his heartbroken. Oscar’s first love is Ana Obregon. This woman uses Oscar for emotional support. After Oscar falls in love, Ana returns to her abusive boyfriend. Trying to be the hero and save Ana from her abusive life, Oscar comes up with the idea of shooting her boyfriend, but the opportunity did not arise. After this we switch to Oscar’s older sister Lola and his mother’s story. Lola and her mother do not get along very well. Constantly being belittled, causing Lola to run away and live with a boy named Aldo. After being away for a while she is caught by her mother and forced to come home, just to be sent to the Dominican Republic, to live with her Grandmother. This is when she hears the story of her mother’s life. Her Falling in love with a bad guy and then being nearly beaten to death by the bad guy’s girlfriend. The book carries on talking about different characters live giving you a view on how they were raised and how they view the world. Then we return to Oscar, who is in college and we continue his story. He is still looking for his love and will not stop till he finds her.
Oscar is a fat ghetto nerd, who can’t fit in anywhere and is seen as an outcast. All Oscar wants in his life is to find his one true love. To find a person that will love him as much as he loves her. Oscar loves comics, novels and television shows. He is seen by other Dominican Republic people as not Dominican because he is not as masculine as the others. He lives with his mother and older sister Lola. Oscar constantly gets his heart broken from many woman, first time was from a woman, that he falls in love with but she loves her abusive boyfriend Aldo, and only sees Oscar as a friend. When in college Oscar falls in love again and just like before gets his heartbroken. This time he is so heartbroken over this woman, Oscar tries to take his own life. After a failed attempt to commit suicide, Oscar return to college and is strong enough to continue his education and get his college degree. He returns to his old high school to become a substitute teacher. Then one summer he decides to take a trip with his family back to the Dominican Republic, where again he falls in love. This time with a prostitute named Ybon. The only problem this time is that Ybon has a boyfriends. When the boyfriend finds out about Oscar, the boyfriend locates Oscar and beats him up, to the point of being hospitalized. Oscar is sent back to Paterson for his own safety, but he is so head over heels in love with Ybon that he chooses to return for her. The other boyfriend finds out that Oscar came back and shoots Oscar dead. Oscar’s life was a great one, with drama and romance throughout...

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