Same Opportunities, Different Parenting Views Essay

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Ever think where all those Chinese mathematicians, science geniuses, and music wizards come from? When we think of the Chinese population, we are likely to think of all these sorts of geniuses. That’s what everyone wonders about when it comes to the Chinese parenting. But in order for these prodigies to happen, it must be taught and strongly pushed on when younger. There are two different styles of parenting, which Amy Chua from The Wall Street Journal would call Western and Chinese parents.
In “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” Amy Chua, professor at Yale Law School, and publisher of The Wall Street Journal, describes the differences between Chinese and Western mothers. She elaborates on the main differences by telling us the main rules that her own daughters must follow at home. Chua explains how Western parents worry more about how their kids are going to feel if the parent says the wrong thing, and on the contrary Chinese parents think that their kid should be strong enough to take any shameful thing their parent might say. Second she says, “Chinese parents believe that their kids owe them everything”(para 15), and that the child should always obey and try to make their parents proud because that is their only responsibility. Third, she states that Chinese parents think that they know what is best for their kids and that is why they must decide on everything for their kids. Amy concludes that Chinese parents believe they shouldn’t consider what the child’s desire and preference might be because parents know what is best for them.
Chua’s article comes across effectively using ethos because she talks about her own life at home in which she has gained a lot of knowledge from; she also uses logos effectively because she gives good evidence and reasoning on why Chinese mothers are superior by using statistics. Although Chua uses ethos and logos effectively, she has a narrow angle of vision, which affects her own pathos, and may lead to generalizations about Western parents. Not using pathos effectively leads me to think this article is not persuasive because it only captures the attention of Chinese mothers.
Amy Chua’s article uses ethos effectively because it makes readers trust what she is doing. She shows trustworthy by talking to us about her own personal experience. She is a Chinese mother, she does have all these rules and understandings on how her daughters should be no matter if they like it or not. Amy states things like, “Well, I can tell them, because I’ve done it”(para 1); now the reader can see that she has knowledge on this subject. She also demonstrates her knowledge and the way a Chinese mother would react to a situation by giving us a “story in favor of coercion, Chinese-style”(para 19). Amy’s daughter was trying to learn how to play a song on the piano and she just could not do it and wanted to give up. Amy reacted by screaming at her and telling her that she would give away her toys and she would not get any gifts for the...

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