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Same Sex Civil Union Or Same Same Sex Marriage:

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According to Joe messerli in”should same sex marriage be legalized” ( denying gay couples the right to marry is a violation of religious freedom. Civil and religious marriages are two separate institutions. The First Amendment in the bill of rights states that “ There shall be no law respecting an establishment of religion. Therefor denying homosexual citizens the right to get married is a violation of the United States Constitution.The reason to involve religion is because most of the negative feedback from gay marriage comes from religious groups. For the reason being passages of the Bible declaring homosexulity a sin and punishment for homosexual acts. According to ...view middle of the document...

That can explain why homosexual males have a lighter voice and also why homosexual females tend to have a lower voice and raised cheek bones.
Some states allow for a civil union, which is like a marriage but without the word marriage and also without many of the rights of an actual marriage. Marriages include many rights and benefits which include military and social security benefits, also health care and nursing home coverage. Under the Family Leave Act, marriage may qualify you for an unpaid leave of your job. Marriages are also recognized federally, which means that every state inside of the United States Of America will recognize a marriage. A civil union on the other hand is only recognized in one state as of 2014, and that state is new jersey. Vermont, Connecticut, and New Hampshire did recognize civil unions but now those states allow gay marriage.Civil unions fall short of providing hundreds of protections conveyed by marriage. Civil unions also convey a “ separate and unequal” status by blocking same sex couples the right to marry like everyone else.
According to ( civil unions must take additional legal steps to provide greater protections for themselves and their children. Though no amount of supplementary paperwork can provide all the benefits of marriage. An example that Joe Messerli( gives is that marriage affects critical medical decisions, for example if one member of a gay couple that has been together for 20 years gtes critically ill, visitation may not be allowed since the other isn't considers a “spouse” or immediate family member.
A big problem when it comes to gay marriage which is probably the most common source of anti gay bigotry is the fact that gay marriage, or rather being gay in general is described as a sin and abomination to mankind in the bible. And it doesn't help that a very large percent of the united states is religious. As I quoted from the verses of the bible (Leviticus) you can see their is a clear correlation between religioun and homosexual intolerance. Not only christianity but many? most of religions see homosexuality as a sinful act.
There are also worries that letting homosexuals get married will weaken the establishment of marriage. According to Joe...

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