Same Sex Couples, Adoption And Parenting

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“ An estimated 8 million to 10 million infants and children live in orphanages around the world, and aid agencies, churches and governments provide hundreds of millions of dollars in the hope that they can help vulnerable children find sanctuary in these institutions. This hope is badly misplaced. Orphanages are not safe places for children.” (Ahern, Laurie) . These are real facts about orphanages, foster care and private adoption houses. Out of your “flawless world” of religions, stereotypes, homophobia and antagonisms this is happening. Laurie Ahern, a president of Disability Rights International reported, “We have witnessed thousands of children who live in disabling conditions, with heartbreaking consequences. We have seen neglected babies who rock back and forth, bite their hands and gouge their eyes as the result of mind-numbing boredom and neglect. We have seen infants and children, unable to feed themselves, left to starve because there is no one to feed them. In Romania and Turkey we found teens who weighed less than 30 pounds.” It is depressed and overwhelming to know that while you disapprove same sex couples adoption, thousands of innocent kids aspire to be loved and protected without stereotypes.

Defenseless children, newborn and teenagers are living today in the market. They wake up every day hoping for compassion and love, for a family, for a home. The foundations provide with clothes, money and food, nevertheless it is not enough. In numerous cases these children are sex traded, vended to international houses of adoptions, isolated, mistreated and in the worst case some of them die.
Orphanages are not homes. It is all about waiting for a day that one family decides to adopt and then they pick you up from a group of children like picking up the best tomatoes in the supermarket. These children live in the middle of uncertainty waiting for a better tomorrow, getting attached to other kids until the day one of them leaves. These kids play a game against racisms, physical characteristics, genetics and even age, the older and way they look, the less possibilities to be adopted they have.
Although the adoption process is complicated, it usually takes a year since the day you contact the agencies to the day they give you the children, occasionally more. It is an extended procedure of documents, layers and money. The first requirement in order to adopt is to be a family, to be a couple decided to love, take care of the child and create together a peaceful home of harmony and happiness. It does not say that the family has to be from certain class, race, religions or traditions. The concept of family has an open the definition. Years ago family was composed by a mother and father. Today you also find homes where the families are composed by a single or divorced parent, grandparents, two mothers or two fathers.

Over the last decades the amount of homosexual or gay couples has increased all over the world with 39 countries accepting...

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