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The gay marriage debate is complex, to say the least. Bitter, emotional, and controversial are just a few words that can be used to describe it. In 2004, Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same sex marriage; since then twelve states have approved gay marriage (Shapiro). Even though some states have decided to legalize same sex marriage others are standing firm on constitutional amendments that ban it. Deciding whether or not gay couples should be allowed to marry is drawing passion from both sides of the issue. Everyone has an opinion, and no one seems willing to compromise.
Is it right that heterosexual couples can marry but homosexual couples cannot? Well, it depends on the individual answering the question. Those who respond to the question from a biblical view would say yes. Expressing that God created man first and then he created the woman so that man would not be alone; thus the union of marriage has been formed since the beginning of creation; ordained by God. Someone responding from a legal viewpoint would argue that gay couples should have the right to marry and that denying them the right to do so is unconstitutional.
Tackling issues of equality, religion, and personal opinions makes it quite a challenge for lawmakers that are trying to figure out a way to please individuals on both sides of the issue. The debate for the most part stems from two very different opinions. La Shawn Barber, author of “Interracial Marriage: Slippery Slope?” opposes same sex marriage and strongly believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Andrew Sullivan, author of “The Right's Contempt for Gay Lives” supports same-sex marriage and believes that any two people that want to be married should be allowed to do so, regardless of one’s sex.
Supporters of same-sex marriage are seeking marriage equality in all states. They argue that homosexual couples want to be able to stand before family and friends and be legally married under the protection of the law just as heterosexuals do. Why are civil unions not enough? Supporters of same-sex marriage have compared “civil union” laws to “Separate but Equal” laws. They argue that civil unions are not protected under the law the way marriage is. A civil union does not entitle spouses to benefits like Social Security after the death of a spouse; spouses are unable to take time off from work to care for each other, and they have no say in life and death situations (Ayres). Supporters argue that allowing heterosexual marriages protection and benefits under the law while denying homosexual couples the same protection, because of moral opinions is discrimination.
If you ask those who are against same sex marriage how...

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