Same Sex Marriage In America Essay

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The debate over same-sex marriage rights has risen to drastic heights over the past twenty years. Many people are for at least some form of equality or equal rights, but some groups are still against it. This ongoing debate has caused division among our nation.
Between the Argument
Politics in America greatly divide the nation. According to politics, you either vote liberally or conservatively. They say that “how you vote is who you are” (Christian Century). In today’s society however, political issues have become much more complex than any two sided argument could dream of becoming.
In the article “Caught in the Middle,” the author discusses the role of the government in societal and moral issues. He first addresses prohibition and the war on drugs. These were both problems that the government tried to fix, but they fixed it with very little success. In many cases it became worse. For example with prohibition, alcohol use continued and bootlegging skyrocketed. He implies that if the government stays involved the situation will end up the same as those.
The author addresses the destruction of families and communities as. He is not saying that either side has a wrong opinion or a correct one. Rather, this destruction comes in the forms of “‘mobility or ‘growth’ or ‘progress’ or ‘liberation.’” This destruction causes people to all have the same opinion. The average liberal (not political) person desires freedom. Not very many people desire to be under oppression or laws; they want to live their own lives not a life forced upon them by government actions. They want to live what they believe. Because of this desire for freedom, the supposed black and white political division leaves many people caught in the middle of the argument. They do not conform to either side completely, and they have their own system of beliefs.

Traditional Marriage
In 2012, Dan Cathy- the CEO of Chick-fil-A- gave an interview in which he said that he supported traditional marriage. This interview went viral and eventually made the national news. Not only did Cathy receive backlash, but many of the store owners received the backlash and hatred as well. Due to his actions Cathy became labeled as homophobic, but in reality he only stated his opinion. He has of the opinion that same-sex marriage constitutes as sin.
This belief has become a crucial argument in the social debate in today’s society. It also has become one of the “sides” of the supposed black and white argument. This argument boils it down to two options: legal or illegal.
Sin, in a biblical sense, means anything that goes against God’s law. People of this opinion will tend to say that the lifestyle of a homosexual person is immoral and therefore sin.
The basic biblical argument is as followed. Homosexuality equates to sin. God hates sin. Therefore do not legalize it. Technically, this thought process a logical one, and therefore correct. To someone unknowledgeable about biblical issues, this seems ridiculous....

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