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Same Sex Marriage Issues & Controversies Essay

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The NAACP has named gay marriage “one of the key struggles of our time”. According to the website “” as of January 6th 2014, 17 states have taken the plunge and legalized same-sex marriage. Marriage is “one of the basic civil rights of man”. Yet, we are still waiting on 66% of our nation to do the right thing and legalize gay marriage. The ban on gay marriage has deprived gay, lesbian, and bisexuals of many benefits that come with being married. Also, it has been proved that banning gay marriage created an increase in psychological disorders, as well it shows legalizing same-sex marriage can bring economic benefits to the states and lastly legalizing gay marriage makes it easier for same-sex couples to adopt. Something needs to be done, and that is legalizing same-sex marriage.
There should no longer be a ban on gay marriage. If gay marriage was legal gay, lesbian, and bisexuals would not be deprived of the many benefits that come along with being married. When you get married you automatically gain a multitude of benefits. According to the article “Gay Rights” from Facts on File, there are many benefits gays do not get because they cannot marry. Gay couples do not get to visit each other in the hospital, or jail. They cannot refuse to testify against their significant other in court. They also do not get social security and tax benefits that come along with being a married couple. If anyone in the relationship works, the other person will not receive health insurance through the others work. This is very unfair; health insurance is an extremely important thing to have. As well as this, gay couples also do not get the right to sue over the wrongful death of their partner (Gay). If all that wasn’t enough, same-sex couples also cannot receive any family health insurance and do not get any protection in the event the relationship comes to an end. Without having these benefits that married couples have, there is an estimated $41,196 extra spent on expenses for gay couples ( The fact that gay couples cannot gain all these benefits is just one of the many reasons same-sex marriage should be legalized.
Along with the being benefit deprived from the ban put on gay marriage, the ban has also caused psychological disorders in many individuals. According to E.J Graff, the ENDA has still not been passed. The ENDA will put an end to places not hiring someone because of their sexual orientation. With this not passed boss’s, CEO’s etc. can still choose to not hire someone solely because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transsexual (Graff). It is discrimination like this that is causing a rise in psychological disorders. It has been proven that after the states made gay marriage illegal there was a dramatic increase in disorders. After the ban on same-sex marriage there was a 37% increase in mood related disorders, a 42% increase in alcohol use disorders and lastly a shocking 248% increase in anxiety disorders ( The...

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