Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legalized At The National Level

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Same-sex marriage is said to be the social issue of the century. It is widely expected and believed that major change is going to come in the next several years that will forever set a precedent for equality. In 1985 25% of Americans said they knew someone close to them who was gay. In 2000 that number tripled to 75%. This is according to Michael Klarman who believes same-sex marriage has and will continue to play out much like racial inequality did 50 years ago. The stasis point of this argument is whether same-sex couples should be allowed to marry and receive the privileges that marriage provides both economically and culturally. Although the stakeholders may only ...view middle of the document...

A country that was founded on the principle that all men are created equal and should have the basic rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, yet we cannot let same-sex couples participate, not change marriage.
For this issue I plan on showing how same-sex marriage is a basic right of Americans. My audience is not for the gay and lesbian community, it is for the straight, right winged conservative who feels as though something will be taken away from him by allowing these couples to participate in marriage and those on the fence who really do not care what happens with this issue in the next five years. I plan on using the Constitution as well as scholars to show how there are certain basic rights that Americans fought for and are entitled to and marriage is one of them. By using opponents of this topic and of my stasis, I plan to show how their arguments fall apart when it comes to actually interpreting them for what they are. Marriage equality is a huge issue in today’s society and I believe more straight people should stand up for equality just as non-slaves stood up for abolition and whites stood up for desegregation.

Becker, Amy B. "What's Marriage (And Family) Got To Do With It? Support For Same-Sex Marriage, Legal Unions, And Gay And Lesbian Couples Raising Children." Social Science Quarterly (Wiley-Blackwell) 93.4 (2012): 1007-1029. Academic Search Alumni Edition. Web. 7 Mar. 2014.
This article talks about how American opinion towards same-sex unions is actually much different than same-sex marriage. Regardless of either, trends are pointing that the legalization of same-sex unions and marriages will occur very soon and will spread across the nation faster than many will realize. One of the main things holding the opposition back is the definition of marriage. The opposition is feeling as though they are changing what marriage means to them instead of just accepting and allowing others to enjoy the same basic right. This article also talks of the definition of a family and how this has changed over years. It is becoming more and more accepted that gays and lesbians raise kids and can have normal families. This is not a new idea and they have never been incapable of it, but now that more and more is being done for their rights, the issue of family and adoption has come up. This article takes a stance that our nation is moving towards marriage equality and with that comes the other equalities that these couples will be entitled to.
This article brings up the topic of family and adoption, which is a very important right that same-sex couples should have. Becker does a good job by stating facts and examples and not showing bias. This article is also rather recent and had good up to date information on what is being done in terms of policy for same-sex unions and marriages. The ethos is established in the text through the author’s strong organization and points made throughout the article. She addresses...

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