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“[Gay and lesbian couples are] much more likely to be tolerant, to encourage for example, their children to play with a wider range of toys- to encourage a girl to play with both dolls and trucks”(Wilson). Parents are people who raises a child. Why does it matter if they’re homosexual or heterosexual? The only thing that matters is if the child, is loved and nurtured. Same-sex parents are more committed because it was on purpose to have a child. “Additionally, gay and lesbian parents, she suggests, provide a unique environment that promotes open-mindedness, tolerance, and gender equality”(Pappas). Children of same sex couples have the same or better outlook on life and same sex parenting is also beneficial because they adopt more children.

Same or Better Outlook On Life

Children of same-sex parenting, isn’t different from other children emotional functioning, sexual orientation, and gender role behavior. Plenty studies show children’s well being is genuinely affected by their relationship with their parents, not sexual orientation. Studies show homosexual family disclosed any evidence of harm or disadvantage to the children in any discernible way. Same-sex couples promote an open-mind, tolerance, and gender equality environment. Kids who are raised by homosexual couples have a great outcome on life as straight couples. Reports showed kids between three and four years of age show less aggressive, bossiness, and domineering attitude, raised by lesbian couples. Teenagers with same-sex parents are more connected in school. “Children of “Gay fathers” were more likely to vote; children of lesbians used alcohol less frequently”(Sprigg). Adolescents become role models for equitable relationship.


“Research has demonstrated that sexual orientation; gender identity or expression does not affect a person’s ability to parent”(Independent). “It’s a huge reservoir of potential parents who could get kids out of the instability of the foster system”(Brodzinsky). 100 families were examined including twenty-nine gay couples, twenty-seven lesbian couples, and fifty-nine straight couples. They found out all of the groups children were functioning normal and few behavior problems. Instead of kids ending up in foster care, same-sex couples have the highest change of adopting them. Between 2000-2002,65,000 kids were adopted by same-sex parents. During gays and lesbian parents adoption more than 50% had special needs. Same-sex parents are most likely willing to have an open adoption. They are willingly to have a “hard to place” child in their home. Most adopt opposite races, which helps minority not end up in foster care. “Part of that could be their own preferences and part could be because of discrimination”(Goldberg). States with anti-gay policies showed that least amount of children were adopted. Same-sex parents truly want children to love and adore.


In conclusion, it has been proved that homosexual parenting is beneficial...

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