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Same-Sex ParentingSame-sex marriage in itself is a debatable subject matter in America today, but dare mention same-sex parenting and tempers will flare.According to the U.S. Census data, there are around 60,000 male and 96,000 female same-sex parents, totaling approximately 156,000 homosexual households in America. (Foust, 2004) Whose choice is it to say two women or two men can not be good parents to a child? Why is this subject so controversial? What makes a good parent? Are two parents better than one? Some may agree both a mother and a father should be the only way a child should be raised, but two good parents, no matter the sex, would be better than an unstable or abusive family environment. Children are the most important part of a family, right? There are many family types in the world, but none looked down upon as much as the same-sex parenting family type. When public concern is based more on a homosexual couple wanting to be good parents, and not on the well-being of a child, something is wrong with the way the society is thinking. If the child's parents do not have support and acceptance, where does that leave the child? Religion aside, a good parent is a good parent. A family full of love and stability is the best family type for a child to be raised in, no matter the sexual orientation of the parents.While a mother and father is the more known family type, there are many different family types in the world. A single parent is one family type. While most believe a single parent can raise a child just fine, how does one know the child does not long for another parent figure in its life? The most common family type would be the different-sex family with both a mother and a father figure being present. The different-sex family type is both a mother and a father. The different-sex family type could contain one of the two; the biological parents of the child or one biological parent and one step parent. Another statistic according to the U.S. Census, although divorce rate has gone down, the marriage rate has also. The marriage rate per 1,000 population aged 15-64 years old was 15.9 in 1980 and 11.6 as of 2003. The divorce rate per 1,000 population aged 15-64 years old was 7.9 in 19.80 and was 5.7 as of 2003. ( Another family type is the same-sex parenting family type, being gay and lesbian couples; two mothers or two fathers, most likely unmarried. While these are not generally the genetic parents, they can still be parents. Some other family types are non-genetic parents, meaning foster, adoptive parents and even those parents that our technically grandparents. Most laws forbid same-sex couples to adopt a child, and most states in the U.S. does not even allow same-sex marriage forbidding the gay and lesbian couples to become a real family. Can non-genetic parents be good parents? According to research by Bennett, L., and Gates, G. (2004) found on the US Census 2000; one out of...

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