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Same Sex Relationships Should Not Be Allowed

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Same sex relationships should not be allowed
In recent reports there has been increasing interest in same-sex couples within Australian society. At both State and Commonwealth level there has been a removal of the majority of legal distinctions between homosexual couples and heterosexual couples. The changing face of relationships in contemporary society and continuing expansion in human rights laws have brought attempts to recognise and regulate relationships of a broader context than the traditional marriage. (Lusk, 2009:284) Even though a legislative attempt has emerged in the last decade, the Federal Government in Australia has provided same sex couples and the children with a wide range of Commonwealth laws. (Lusk, 2009:284). The essay will discuss the changing nature of legislation for same sex couples, remaining limitations same sex couples face compared to heterosexual couples and, supporting recommendations on why same sex relationships should not be recognised in Australia.

The Government’s same sex law reform package was passed through parliament on the 26th and 27th of November in 2008. (Healey, 2013:1). The reforms amended 84 Commonwealth laws of discrimination against same sex couples in a wide range of areas including taxation, superannuation, social security, family assistance, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Safety Net, Medicare, aged care, veteran’s entitlements, immigration, citizenship, child support and family law. These reforms came on progress in 1 July 2009. (Healey, 2013:1). The 84 Commonwealth laws that were removed are helping same sex couples and their families receive benefits that were not previous accessible. (Healey, 2013:1).

Limitations still exist despite advances in the law. The legislation in 2008, for same sex couples was recognised by the Federal Government but only in small circumstances. Same sex marriage has had several attempts to make the Marriage Act 1961 open to anyone. (Lusk, 2009:285). The Family Law Amendment Bill 2008, was passed through the Senate and received Royal Assent on 21 November 2008. The Same Sex Relationships Bill 2008 attempts to address other significant areas that involve same sex relationships which include:
• Same Sex Relationships- Superannuation Bill 2008
• Evidence Amendment Bill 2008
These Bills are intended to treat same sex relationships in a similar manner to a married and de facto relationship and to give greater legal recognition to the parent aspect of these relationships. (Lusk, 2009:285).

Same sex couples face many limitations compared to heterosexual couples. One such limitation same sex couples face is same sex males can not donate blood due to HIV risks. The people among Australia agree that this should stay banned. Countless studies have documented the high-risk and unhealthy nature of homosexual lifestyle. A male homosexual is 14 times more likely to have syphilis than a male heterosexual and 8 times more likely to have hepatitis. (Healey, 2013:13). If...

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