Sami Council Regulations Of Oil And Gas Development

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TO: Secretary General, Arctic council
FROM: Roman Zherebko
DATE: 14. 03. 2014
SUBJECT: Sami Council regulations of Oil and Gas Development

Sami Council was founded in the 1956 at the Second International Conference Sami. Council is an association of Sami organizations in Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden, coordinating voluntary and independent cooperation in politics and culture. The Sami Council is also a public organization. It is one of the oldest indigenous organizations which was an advisory body for the regional and central authorities on economic, social and cultural development of the Sami. Despite the status of an advisory body, the Council received funds from the state budget, which were used in accordance with its own decisions - support to Sami, especially cultural needs or for the development and production of crafts.
Sami Article 1-1 of the 1987 Act states that " the purpose of the Act - to create opportunities for the Sami people to preserve and develop its language, culture and way of life."
In accordance with Article 2-6 of the Act , all persons who consider themselves Sami and Sami language using at home or have a parent or grandparent who used the Sami language at home , can at will be included in a separate Sami electoral register and to participate in elections to the Sami Parliament . This elected body received all authority in respect of the Sami distribution of public funds to support economic, social and cultural needs of the Sami . The law also stipulates that public authorities should consult the Sami Parliament in all matters affecting the rights and interests of the Sami.
To participate in the plenary sessions of organization, 15 people are elected as responsible among the members, Sami conference shall approve them as well. Each of the organizations represented in the plenary part of the Sami has at least one delegate and his deputy.
The main objectives of the Council is to protect the interests of the Sami by strengthening understanding of themselves as a single nation on the territory they inhabited. They also ensure of continued recognition Sami as united society, whose cultural, political, economic, civil, social and religious rights must be secured in the laws of each of states they live in. Council is concerned of agreements between the states and the representative bodies of the Sami, and international law in general. Sami Council has actively participated in international activities, including the work of the United Nations to ensure the protection of the rights and interests of the Sami and other indigenous peoples, especially in the work of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Sami Council participates in the work of the Arctic Council , referring to the organization's Permanent Participant status
Like most indigenous people, the Sami have formed an economy based on direct communication with nature and natural resources. An example of this is their movement with reindeer herds and the...

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