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Sample Argument Essay

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I am walking through the cafeteria line again with my peers, we look like cattle going through the shoots. Three day old fried burrito, “No Thanks.” Meatloaf made from yesterday’s hamburgers, “I’ll pass.” Chicken nuggets made with more tofu than chicken, “Thank you, but I’m fine.” This is my thought process as I daily walk through the line. Unfortunately, I often go with peanut M&Ms and a DP. The lunch of champions’ right? This image is sad but what is sadder is that this is the image of many students here at Jolle High School. What we need at this high school is a restaurant that can provide better, more nutritious food for the students and faculty. The great news is that this can ...view middle of the document...

Subway on the other hand has fresh salads and low fat, heart health sandwiches offered on their menus (2007 subway menu).
Because Subway is a franchise and an outside company, the school can do a few things to make an income off of the business. The best option would be to buy a franchise license for Subway. A current Subway franchise has an initial cost of $500,000 and an equipment price of about another $100,000 (Subway Franchise Guide). From there the cost is very low. According to another school of approximately the same size and makeup as Jolle High School, we could make up that amount and begin making a profit in as little as a calendar year. From then on the profits could be used to do things like fund scholarships, begin new programs, update school equipment, and add money to the budget of every department. It could even go towards a raise for the faculty and staff.
Arguments against bringing in an outside restaurant are: what about reduced/free lunches, additional workers, and space. First, in other school districts that have implemented...

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