Saint Mark School: Technology Implementation Plan

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Saint Mark School: Technology Implementation Plan
Values-Based Integration
A Saint Mark Student is:

The Saint Mark School Digital Learning Environment Will:
I. A knowledgeable and practicing Catholic or Christian who:

· Is a steward of his/her own purpose and gifts, and shares them readily

· Makes life choices based on Christian morals and values

· Contributes actively to school, parish and community

Provide opportunities for expressions of faith by:

· Helping students and staff to both evaluate and self-assess academic achievement and by exploring the giftedness of the individual

· Forming all members of the school to encourage Christ-centered choices regarding social networking, academic integrity, etc.

· Using time, talent and technology resources to be in the service of others (social justice, advocacy, prayer)
II. An active and confident learner who:

· Possesses a solid foundation in all major subjects

· Communicates effectively, thinks critically and solves problems creatively

· Participates in and appreciates music, literature, sports, science, and the arts

· Embraces technology and current modes of learning

· Demonstrates good sportsmanship and cooperation in both work and play

· Enthusiastically strives to exceed expectations

II. Foster student success in innovative ways by:

· Affording differentiated access to academic content in order to meet the various learning needs (leveled readers, digital paths)

· Providing tools to interact with and shape the digital landscape and by developing a critical lens to evaluate the significance and relevance of new learning

· Broadening student exposure to athletics and the arts and offering new media for artistic expression and understanding of health and wellness (iBooks Author, Garageband, etc.)

· Encouraging both consumption and production of shared knowledge by identifying new tools and creatively using existing resources

· Providing rich environments for collaboration and cooperative learning (document sharing, blogging, etc.) and by encouraging choices that support peers in order to advance the success of the entire learning community

· Designing classroom instruction in order to foster curiosity and by embarking on inquiry-based enterprises and implementing project-based learning
III. A responsible and involved community member who:

· Possesses leadership qualities

· Is aware of and responsive to the needs of others

· Takes initiative and addresses civic issues through service

III. Assist in constructing meaningful relationships within and beyond the learning community...

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