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Sample Para For One More Night Rpg

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“What have I done… What have I done….”
Grace didn’t understand this feeling, the guilt that coursed through her veins, seemed to bubble as Grace sat at the window of her family’s caravan, The soft rock and roll that feel from the small radio in her mobile sanctuary seemed to be the only thing that kept her calm these days. The those who opposed them, hunters were not known as a soft people, they were warriors, uncompromising, ready to go to any means to destroy the monsters that plagued their earth, but they still were a people, and Grace was a person, a person who let music soothe her. And yet, while the smooth sound of the Eagles sang through the small speakers from the radio, Grace didn’t ...view middle of the document...

She didn’t know why she no longer felt whole, why nothing inside her seemed right, she’d been so content, so happy with her life what she did, who she was. She wanted to know what had changed, but there wasn’t an answer in sight.
The strangeness that had overcome her, however was the least of her problems, it was the events that lead up to the tears she’d cried minutes before, the day had only hit noon when an argument broke out between her and another man. Parts of it seemed so hazy now, what the fight had stemmed from, how the two of them ended up face to face, neither standing down. His words meant nothing to her, but she found herself cutting her eyes at him, only wishing for him to shut his mouth-- when he’d cried out, falling to his knees before keeling over right in front of her. People stared at Grace in shock while she could only gaze up in horror. It seemed inexplicable, the the anger she’d only seconds ago was so strong, she knew that had happened because of her, and it was with that she slowly backed away before breaking into a run, finding her way back to the caravan in fear, thoughts that had fel distant now echoing in her ear as she took refuge in her home.
“What have I done… What have I done….”
The caravan door opened And her father entered, the man came towards with a weary look on his face. Instantly grace knew something was wrong, she’d spent a lifetime learning cues from her father for safety, but this was different, initiation was telling her that something bad had happened. Grace, who straightened herself out out of respect looked at her father, clearing her throat and fixing her face to an expression more indifferent before speaking. “Is he… Is he alright?” she asked, trying to put strength into her her voice. He nodded slowly and replied. “Jacob will be alright, but I’m more concerned with you, Grace… Are you alright?” Her father’s question lingered in her head and she too found her wondering the very same. She looked down at the ground as she spoke. “I don’t know what happened… We’re screaming at each other, next thing I knew he was on the ground… I thought he was dead.” She ran a hand through raven colored hair and sighed softly to herself, her father was the one she trusted with her inner thoughts, so she trusted him with this. “and part of me thinks I did it, I don’t know how… but I just felt him… I felt him shut down and I just ran…” She felt her voice fade away and looked up at her father for his reaction. He too sighed, immediately taking her into his arm, holding her in an embrace. She gravitated to his comfort, racing her face in his shoulders like she used to when she was young. “It’s okay, Grace,” he said speaking softly, as he stroked her hair....

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