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Brandon Hahn Intro to Music ThursdayAs a producer, I get asked a lot of questions about my tastes in music, from my favorite producers and emcees, to childhood influences on my own style of production. Aside from those questions though, I'm always asked about my favorite samples used in Hip Hop. I've always seemed to dodge around this question, mainly because it's almost impossible to answer. There are so many classically sampled songs in this Hip Hop genre of music, that I could sit here for days and come up with something. So, I'm going to provide you with a short list of 20 of my favorites sampled songs. All of these are fairly well-known to fans of Hip Hop production. Whether you agree with me or not, enjoy these songs as a whole, just as they were intended.Janko Nilovic - In The SpaceThat Janko Nilovic? Right away, that's one of those joints that I wish I produced. I wish I found that sample first. All you can do is praise that producer and listen to the song like, "Damn!" That song is amazing.Ecstacy, Passion, & Pain - "Born To Lose You"What grabs me first, obviously is the beginning. Right when it starts [hums melody]…man, that…awww! When I first heard the Hip Hop song that sampled it, it was my favorite song on that album. Aside from the beginning, it's just a good song to listen to the whole way through.10cc - "I'm Not In Love"A lot of people didn't know that was the sample that it is. If you listed to it, kind of in the middle…Tower Of Power - "Sparkling In The Sand"I'm 32, so some of these cats might not know what that sample is. It was an amazing song for Hip Hop.The Eleventh Hour - "Nasty"There's samples that jump right out at you, right away. Boom!Little Boy Blues - "Seed Of Love"That jumps right out at you too, like, "Damn."Ann Peebles - "Troubles, Heartaches, And Sadness"Rubba - "Way Star"Donald Byrd - "Wind Parade"J. J. Band - "Changing Face"Jack Bruce - "Born To Be Blue"Switch - "Honey, I Love You"Jean Plum - "I Love Him"Gap Mangione - "Diana In The Autumn Wind"Billy Cobham - "Heather"C.A. Quintet - "Trip Thru Hell"Evelyn "Champagne" King - "The Show Is Over"McCoy Tyner - "Folks"The Sweet Inspirations - "You Roam When You Don't Get It At Home"Jerry Butler - "Whatever Goes Around"The Producers Code Of Not Revealing SamplesThere's kind of a producer's code where you don't put people out there for samples that they've used and what they've used them on, that's always a no-no in my opinion. I'm not trying to get a bunch of my peers mad at me. It's not really the producers themselves. It's the fanatics that are trying to look for every song and every sample. I can respect that, and it's fun. It's fun to listen to a record and come across a song that makes you go, "Wow! That's what he used?." Even as a producer, I love finding samples. I love coming across that sound, seeing how someone else flipped it, and going, "Okay, that's nice." But you've got these...

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