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• Founder-Lee Byung Chull in 1938 as Trading Company, South Korea as Samsung Electric Industries.
• Assembly plants and sales network in 61 countries
• 1988-merged with Samsung Semi-conductor and communications
• 2005- Overcame with Sony which was a big rival
• 2006-rated as 20th in the list of global brands
• 2009-overtook Siemens of Germany and Hewlett-Packard of USA, revenue of $117.4 billion to take no.1 spot as world’s largest technology company
• Samsung means “Tri-Star” or “three stars”, three means big and stars means eternity.

The underlying principle that defines our vision for the future of Samsung electronics is “Inspire the World, Create the Future”.

To inspire the world with innovative technology, products and designs that enriches people’s lives and contributes to a society responsible, sustainable future.

CHAIRMAN & CEO- Lee Kun Hee-

• Brand Ambassador-Aamir Khan
• Providing free content on mobile by collaborating with copyright owners of Bollywood Movies- Ghajini, Love Aaj Kal.
• Promotional offers like free entry to the show of “10 ka Dum”.
• Organizing contents like Samsung karaoke festival.
• Opening Samsung fan club for better customer relationships.
• Free online software updates, tutorials and customer service.
• Established many Samsung mobile stores to increase the visibility of brand.
• Also became a member of The Olympic Partner –TOP.

Each store of SAMSUNG is of similar design. They have same colors being used of white and blue in each store.

• LG
• Onida
• Videocon
• Sony
• Hp
• Nokia

• Increased emergence of modern retail chains-problem as Samsung is investing in building a retail network across the country
• Due to increased price of inputs and continuing price erosion there is downtrend in consumer durable market.


SAMSUNG in India-
• Samsung electronics commenced its operations in India in December 1995.
• Two R&D centers in India- Delhi and Bangalore.
• 2010 achieved sales turnover of $3.5 billion.
• Market leader in LED TV’s and LCD TV’s and slim TV’s.
• India’s largest mobile handset brand.
• Leading in smart phone segment in India.

There are four main groups with 14 divisions-

• 59000 employees.
• Development of employees strategic to success.
• Making rounds encouraged as key management practice.

• Decisive
• Profit focused
• Entrepreneurial
• Samsungs philosophy and goals-

• Create the best products and services (retain its 1st position in the world).
• Contribute towards society.
• On the basis of human resource and technologies.


SAMSUNG is a big conglomerate company it has Work-hard, play-hard culture. It’s having rapid feedback/reward and...

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