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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Is Original And Improved

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Over the time, Samsung has made many devices among which are phones and tablets. “It is original, it is improved, and it is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3!” This Android smartphone and tablet computer hybrid was brought to people by Samsung Corporation and introduced in October 2011 in Berlin (Germany). According to Samsung, this device is for anyone who needs a tablet. What can one precisely beneficiate by owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 3? In addition to the multiple attracted features of this device, people can easily hide it in their smallest bag or pocket, or grasp it in their palms. Also, when someone purchases a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it comes with at least a two- years warranty plus technical support for at least a month. Through the use of logos, ethos and pathos in all its advertisements, Samsung proves that if someone does not own a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the person could not resist its software and design, and will surely buy one. In the 2014 Oscars Academy Award, Samsung through Ellen DeGeneres, an American stand-up comedian, and TV host and producer, effectively employs logos, a little ethos and pathos to persuade its audience to go online and order the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
Samsung demonstrates its use of ethos by partnering with some celebrities and promises lowest prices to those who are going to shop it in the Samsung’s stores. They show a video of a famous business man chatting with a young girl through the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 while on his way to a hotel in California, where he will be attending live the Ellen’s show. The users of this device cannot only chat on it, but they can do whatever they like to, anywhere without actually worrying about the battery. The corporation offers a great deal to his customers by giving them the Samsung care protection plan cover. The purpose of celebrities in the commercial gives the viewers the conviction that, to become famous, they have to essentially possess a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
The Samsung TV commercial was aired on MSNBC, CW, ABC, CN, CBS, and other international channels which showed live the 86th annual Academy Awards on March 02, 2014. Samsung attempted to attract the Ellen’s fans, as well as single or married people to shop for this device. The reason why this forty one second short commercial with a lot of excellent effects was completed, it was to capture the attention of all people who enjoy audio distraction radio like Hot 99.5 FM, and visual entertainment TV. The commercial shows a man in his backward taking pictures while chatting with someone else through the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The fact that the commercial also shows diverse people from different states enjoying their visual conversation because of their use of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which sends out a message to the viewers with the intention that, to be...

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