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Samsung Galaxy S4 Essay

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“The Galaxy S4 sets a new record for Samsung, generating sales quicker than any of its predecessors. It is estimated that the phone is selling at a rate of four units per second” (). As I personally own this phone, I know how many incredible features it has. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the perfect phone for a multi-tasking, busy student, due to the large screen used for many different applications, Polaris Office 5 feature and its durability.
The screen sits at an impressive 5 inches in full HD. There are no limits to what you can achieve when using the smartphone. Some of the pre-downloaded applications that are already installed on the phone at the time of purchase include eight different ...view middle of the document...

The pre-installed app, Polaris Office 5, greatly resembles Microsoft Office. It has most of the same features but applicable with a smartphone instead of a personal computer. The Polaris Office 5 document is similar to a word document from the Microsoft series. It allows personalization of the font, font style, color and size. Also, it includes bullets, text alignment, and indention. Although lacking some of the most sophisticated features, Polaris Office covers the basics needed for on the go assignments. The Slide feature makes the usage of PowerPoints on the go possible. The user can chose the slide layout, add pictures and do all the basics offered on Microsoft PowerPoint. It even includes creates spreadsheets using the Sheet feature.
Polaris Office 5 is amazingly useful for any student. Students are generally busy between class loads, working, and trying to maintain a social life.” Polaris Office comes pre-installed on a number of devices from the different manufacturers. It is usually provided in a complete state, suited for creating and viewing MS Office documents. Version 4 has been available with different improvements for months now, while the 5-th version of it has barely...

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