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Running Head: PR CAMPAIGN- FINAL PAPERPR Campaign: Final PaperMaria NunezUniversity of PhoenixExecutive SummaryThe San Francisco Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and represents a uniquely successful partnership between the City of San Francisco and the San Francisco Zoological Society. The San Francisco Zoo is a community organization serving the people of the Bay Area, and also an educational center providing formal and informal learning programs for children and adults.Currently the San Francisco Zoo needs to create an image of public safety for visitors and employees. Due to the most recent incident on December of 2007, the public may still have their apprehensions of visiting the zoo. The San Francisco Zoo wants to reinforce the animal's quarters for complete public safety in order to increase the number in visitors and potential revenue to the organization. At the same time, the necessity of educating the public and the zoo's employees about animal care and maintenance of the zoo is beneficial to all.In order to launch an effective Public Relations (PR) campaign, certain factors will need to be recognized and executed, such as ethical considerations, technology, globalization, crisis management plan, budget, and a strategy to evaluate the efficiency of the campaign. The San Francisco Zoo hopes to paint a picture for visitors to see, which will show how important everyone is to the organization.Relationship between PR Campaign and marketingThe Public Relation campaign will should have a great effect on the marketing strategy for the San Francisco Zoo. In order for the PR campaign to run smoothly, both marketing and public relation teams would need to work together. The PR company will assist in promoting the campaign as a highly needed event. Public Relations vs. Marketing? The difference would be in how much money is spent in the area of marketing or in public relations area of the same company. In general comparison, public relations is more cost effective than the marketing of a company.A definition of Public Relations is developing mutually beneficial relationships with the target audience. An example of public relations is when an academic counselor directly visits classrooms to introduce herself to the school's students. This can be viewed as an advantage to the students to "see" who they work with for academic issues and this simple action doesn't cost a dime to anyone.A definition for marketing is, "Marketing is the process of planning and executing conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives." (Perreault−McCarthy) The example of marketing is when a school's name is highly advertised for the opening of a stadium - i.e. the Super Bowl 2008 event.Impact of Ethical ConsiderationsPublic relations are developing mutually beneficial relationships with target...

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