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Sand Dollar Essay

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"Mmm.." I shifted tiredly in my bed, running a hand along the vanilla-scented satin sheets in search of him, but he was not there.. I opened my weary eyes only to immediately shield them from the blinding rays of the mid-morning sun as they shone through the straw blinds of his beach cabin. My lips curled up into a self-satisfied grin. He had finally brought me there, his own private getaway. He had whisked me, of all women, away, to celebrate his recent success.. but where is he..? My smile quickly faded as I wistfully waited for him to return. One side of me feared that he had only brought me there to use me and that he wouldn't come back for me. The other side, however, was a more ...view middle of the document...

I had never had breakfast in bed before, and this was a first that could only happen in a dream. Only it wasn't. This was my life.

"C'mere.." I said, turning back to face him, seductively motioning for him to follow with my finger.

"You may." I replied. I stared into those oceanic eyes as he fed me. He really knew how to treat a lady, the entire breakfast was a delight and moments throughout the experience would lodge themselves into my mind like an album of photographs to be opened and viewed time and again. "C'mere," I said. Scooting back on the bed to rest my back against the pillows, I flirtatiously curled my pointer finger at him and flashed a dazzling smirk. I wanted to reward him for the delectable dishes with the perfection of my affection.

I was met with his hypnotic gaze, where I searched those alluring cerulean orbs for any traces of genuine emotion. Oh they were there, alright. I blushed crimson, something that my cousin, Latrice, would always be jealous of because she often felt I was the prettier one, what with me being multiracial; and "perfectly light skinned", according to her, to top it all off. I closed my eyes and leaned forward.

My heart raced from his touch. The feel of his strong, yet gentle hands over my skin sent shock waves of joy all over me. I nearly trembled. Pecking him on the lips, I brought my hand to rest lightly on his shoulder. I paused in between kisses to stare into the windows to his soul once more, thanking him with my eyes for bringing me out there to his exclusive tropical getaway. I resumed my kiss, letting our tongues intertwine...

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