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Sane Or Insane? Essay

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Ricky SekhonThe Tell-Tale Heart EssayIt is not often when a case comes up where a cold hearted murderer, claims to be insane, just to get away from the charges. This scenario is seen in the short story "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe, when the narrator commits a murder and is now claiming to be insane to get away with the murder charges, when evidently the main character in the story is completely sane. The main protagonist of "The Tell-Tale Heart" is undoubtedly sane because it is clear that the character has feelings, the character even claims to be sane, and because the character was able to plan out the murder.Firstly, the character of this story cannot be said to be insane when clearly the story shows that the character has feelings. Typically speaking, insane is defined as being in a state in which normal perception and behaviour are not present. This means that according to the definition, an insane person does not perceive normal feelings. The main protagonist however, definitely does have feelings. This can be proven when the character says "I loved the old man." Love is a deep feeling and the character would not of have felt such a feeling if he was insane, according to the definition, which proves he is completely normal and is not a madman. Another piece of evidence that proves that the main character is sane is when after he had murdered the old man and the police had come, the main character decides to give himself in because he cannot handle the guilt that is building up inside of him because he has murdered the old man. Guilt, is again another feeling which according to the definition of insane, would not have been felt by the main character if he had been insane and since he has felt this feeling, it justifies him being sane. The main character has various different feelings throughout the novel which proves that the character is ultimately sane.Secondly, the narrator of the novel does not believe that he is insane himself. The entire story, the narrator is trying to prove to the reader that he is completely sane and not insane as others might say. The narrator writes, "You fancy me mad. Madmen know nothing. But you should have seen me. You should have seen how wisely I proceeded." This shows that even the character himself, knows that he is not insane so why should one say he is. Another example is when the narrator says, "but why will you say that I am mad?" This shows again that the...

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648 words - 3 pages think that he even enjoyed his company. For example in the text it read: "I loved the old man. He had never given me an insult, he had never wronged me, for his gold I had no desire.I THINK IT WAS THE EYE." Our main character continuously sates that he is not insane, crazy, mad, bonkers, wacko-zako or just plain old messed up in the head. Now ask yourself, do sane ordinary people walk around saying that they are not insane all the time. No! Most

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1285 words - 5 pages of madness, in time, he will be confused to weather he is really insane or sane and conform to being mad. While being in the act of madness, Hamlet is able to get away with things that he normally would not be able to get away with such as swearing and being very disrespectful towards Ophelia, Claudius, Polonius and Gertrude. Hamlet is also unable to take responsibility for the murder of Polonius, blaming his madness and using that as an excuse

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1631 words - 7 pages the hospital. Rosenhan proved that psychiatric hospitals have no way of truly knowing if someone is insane or not. The hospital staff simply goes by the standard of the hospital. If someone claims they are insane then they are more than willing to commit them to the hospital: It is clear that we cannot distinguish the sane from the insane in psychiatric hospitals. The hospital itself imposes a special environment in which the meaning of

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1366 words - 5 pages . The voices he hears are all part of his plan to seem insane when in reality he is sane and creative with his work. Therefore, the defendant is trying to trick people into thinking he is mad by reiterating phrases like “but why will you say that I am mad” or just the single word “mad” all through out his tale. This is his plan to assure that he will not have to be sent to prison. An innocent man was killed by someone he truly trusted with

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1986 words - 8 pages for his madness Hamlet would be reprimanded, punished, perhaps even killed rather than pitied for his crimes. His master plan to maintain the appearance of a man gone insane is ingenious, and the veritable fact is that the amazing portrayal of a madman that he completes, the amazing show of insanity that he puts on just makes him more ingenious, not more insane. However, Hamlet acts perfectly sane when it is not necessary or beneficial for him to

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