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Sankofa Essay

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Sankofa means you must repeat the past before you come to present. This film is centered among the chattel period. The educational film was based just upon this message. The main character Shala first tended to be this beautiful model, taking pictures on the scene. But later after that a African man told her to "repeat your past, go back, get out of here". Soon after this Shala was not any type of beautiful model, she was lead back to her past by becoming a house slave. She was one of the smartest and wisest slave through out the film. She showed how a strong black woman should stand by her man, no mater if the times or rough or not. One of the most important themes of the movie was how you must return to your past. During the film I ask myself why must you repeat the past before going on to the future. But by the end of the film I realized that you can't go down a road right, if you have never been there before. You must learn everything possible about that road, before you take the next step.Another important theme is the difference of the slaves. There were house slaves, and field slaves. Obviously the house slaves had power over the field slaves. This brought confusion and hurt among them. House slaves were treated very badly, they were beaten, and rapped, just for the head masters pleasure. Even though the house slave had to obey the head master; the house slave knew these actions were wrong. For example, a house slave had to beat a mother of birth. Later the mother of birth passed...

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