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Santa Barbara Museum Of Art Report (For Art Appreciation Class)

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My report is about my visit to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. This is the first real art museum that I think I have ever visited. After touring all of the paintings and special exhibits I found that the special exhibits that were currently on display were not my taste. The main exhibition was all about Chinese art. That was definitely interesting because of the ancient history of the Chinese culture and the historic value of the exhibition was great. The Chinese art in general did not appeal aesthetically to me but it was very interesting to look at for its historic value, and to be able to get right up close and personal to artwork that is so ancient was a treat. The other special exhibit was a tribute to a pair of American modernist photographers of which they had a portion of their print collection on display which I did not find an interest in.The work of art that I will be basing my report on is focused on the style that I believe was the most visually appealing to me during my visit to the museum. In class I have found that landscape paintings have a strong visual appeal to me and in particular the realistic landscapes paintings by the Dutch and I found a couple of nice examples during my visit this past weekend.The work of art that grabbed my attention was the painting "Notre-Dame de Paris, Seen from the Pont de L'Archeveche" (c. 1849) by Johan-Berthold Jongkind. A Dutch Realist Painter who lived from 1819-1892. Johan Jongkind was was born and trained in Holland however he spent most of his life painting outdoors in France. The painting is a realist landscape scene depicting an average day in the center of old Paris with the Notre Dame Cathedral (which is French Gothic style) off...

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