Santiago: A Hero In The Novel The Alchemist By Paulo Cohelo

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What makes a hero be a hero? A hero has to have certain characteristics, such as; bravery, wisdom, etc. No matter what characteristics are pointed out, every story has a hero, or an archetypal hero. From a short stories to really long novels, you will have some type of hero. In the novel The Alchemist, the main character Santiago is a hero. The book is about how everyone should live their dreams and never give up on them. It follows a young man named Santiago who is following his own dream, or his own “Personal Legend”. It follows him and his struggles to achieve said Personal Legend. Santiago is a hero because he is wise, kind, and brave; He is also a hero because he displays ...view middle of the document...

Santiago is a hero because he is abundant in bravery.
The second reason Santiago is a hero is because he shows a lot of kindness to everyone he meets. The first example of kindness is on page forty-three. On this page Santiago helps an older man set up his candy stall in the market.The old man didn’t ask for help and Santiago could have not helped him, but he did so anyway out of kindness. The second example of kindness is on page fifty-eight. On this page, the crystal merchant admitted that Santiago is “forcing [him] to look at wealth and horizons [he has] never known.” It is kindness because while Santiago did benefit from increasing the merchant’s wealth, the merchant still benefited more from Santiago in the end. The third example is on page ninety. On this page, Santiago helped the Englishman search for the alchemist when he asked for Santiago’s help. Santiago didn’t have to help him, but he did so anyway out of kindness for his new friend. For the reasons stated above, Santiago is definitely abundant enough in kindness to be a hero.
The third reason Santiago is a hero is because he has a lot of wisdom for a young adult. The first example can be found on page 100. On this page, Santiago is seen interpreting the flight of two hawks as an omen that the oasis will be invaded. To be able to interpret that from two hawks fighting takes a lot of wisdom. The second example can be found on page 121. On this page, Santiago had the wisdom to determine that the alchemist was right, and that he should continue his journey for his Personal Legend. To do this, he had to be wise enough to see that leaving Fatima behind and continuing to the pyramids means he would be able to come back to her one day. The third and biggest example can be found on page 153. Here, Santiago is trying to change himself into wind. To be able to turn himself into wind, Santiago had to be able to draw on past experiences and knowledge. He also needed to finish deciphering the Language of the World to...

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