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OutlineIntroduction2Brief Overview3Dairy Product Sector4Grocery Product SectorRisk of entry by potential competitorsSubstitute Products5Saputo's Bargaining PowerWays that Saputo Competes in the Industry6Application of Cost Leadership and Differentiation: Building Distinctive Competencies 7Performance Improvement: Structure, Control, and Culture8Acquisitions & Global Environment9Strategies11Business Level Model12Corporate Values: Business EthicsConclusion & 'Daily Thought'14References15Appendix16Introduction"We remain committed to offering products of the highest quality andpursuing our growth on a global basis, fuelled both by productinnovation, to capture additional market share, and by acquisitions."Saputo Inc.Saputo Inc. is the largest dairy processor in Canada and among the top three cheese producers in the United States. The following paper is intended to showcase the company's success story in its competitive industry. There will be a brief overview of how the company came about, its strategic model, an overlook of the dairy industry, how Saputo has managed to compete among the best, its acquisitions throughout the years and other topics.Brief OverviewSaputo Inc. is the parent company with five subsidiaries located within Canada, Argentina and the United States. The Company operates 47 manufacturing facilities and employs approximately 9,200 employeesSaputo Cheese G.P. and Saputo Foods Limited deals with the production, sale and distribution of dairy products, namely cheese, a wide range of fluid milk, cream products, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, soft serve dairy mixes as well as beverages (e.g.: juices) and other food products. Saputo Bakery Inc. produces, sells and distributes bakery items mainly in Canada. Molfino Hermanos S.A. deals with production, sale and distribution of dairy products in and from Argentina, and Saputo Cheese USA Inc. produces and sells dairy products, mainly cheese in the U.S.Saputo Inc. is comprised of two sectors, the Dairy Products Sector (which is composed of the Canada, Europe and Argentina Dairy Products Sector and the USA Dairy Products Sector) and the Grocery Products sector which represents respectively 97% and 4% of the company's total sales. It is present in the following 3 food segments, retail, foodservice and industrial (Refer to Appendix 4 for more detail).Dairy Product SectorWithin the retail sector, Saputo sells branded and private label products to supermarket chains, mass merchandisers, convenience stores, independent retailers, warehouse clubs and speciality cheese boutiques. It also provides its retail customers with a wide range of dairy products (i.e. cheddar, mozzarella, yogurt, and sour). Saputo's dairy products are offered through broad-line distributors, restaurants, hotels and institutions within the foodservice sector. The Company also supplies cheese to manufacturers of frozen entrées and pizzas and other companies that use Saputo's products as an ingredient in the...

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