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Sarah Mason Character Bio Essay

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General Appearance: While Sarah Mason has never been what anyone would call a "beautiful girl", or even "exceptionally pretty", the aftermath of "Incident X" has rendered her a mere shade of her former self. What was once a strong looking Irish girl with warm, chocolatey brown eyes, wavy auburn hair flecked with gold, and a liberal dashing of freckles across her handsome, youthful face is now more likened to the very zombies she kills without compunction. A lack of food has left her dangerously thin, each rib standing out in clear definition. Her eyes, dull and lifeless, sink deep into their sockets beneath a forehead marred by worry lines acquired to soon. Her freckles, such a point of pride for Sarah in days past, now stand unnaturally bright against chalk white skin pulled entirely to tight against her face. Jagged scars of varying sizes, matted, greasy hair, and baggy, ill fitting clothing, usually scavanged from abandoned corpses and hastily washed in dirty water finish off this grotesque picture.
Personality: On the whole, and in direct contrast to Sarah's physical appearance, her personality and general outlook has not changed much since the world ended. In her not so humble opinion, life was always a giant bag of shit...The addition of a few flesh hungry corpses is of very little consequence. Sure, decent food, personal hygiene, and a secure place to rest one's head is harder to come by, but that had never come without struggle for her. Yes, things are a lot more overtly violent, but this was something her pragmatic mind accepted with ease. In danger? Threatened? You kill. Need something? You take it. Have something someone else wants to take? Defend it. Definately preferable to the mindless violence, manipulation, greed, and hatred of before, as far as she was concerned.
As for being alone, a popular complaint from other survivors...Sarah finds, much to her bemusement, that she is far less alone than she was before. Understanding that there is safety in numbers, Sarah is not unwilling to work and co-habitate with others, though usually she does not like them, nor feel any kind of real loyalty towards them. The glaring exception to this rule is her recently acquired companion, Kid. Any survivor sharing space with them can rest assured that, whilst Kid lives, Sarah will do all she can to ensure the safety and security of said space.
Sarah's temperment will likely remain what it has always been. Volatile. Her fuse is short...Her memory long. No one holds a grudge like Sarah. While she isn't terribly intelligent, and slacked off horribly in school, she is highly logical, and posseses no small amount of common sense. As a result, she does not suffer fools well at all, and prefers feeding them to the fleshbags over trying to teach them.
Do not expect Sarah to be sympathetic. Your sob stories will not move her in the slightest. She might offer to share her flask of rot gut "whatever" if she has some, or alternatively to "put you out of your...

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