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Being mindful is about being aware, awake, and living life intentionally. This means that I should be seizing the day and that I am conscious of thoughts and feelings. While I am very mindful of other’s I feel that I need to open myself up and be mindful to myself. I am important and I matter! I often give my undivided attention to others but rarely give myself the attention I deserve. I believe that I do show competence in some areas. Competence is the ability to do something effectively and successfully. I am competent enough to preform my daily tasks, to do the work I do at my job, and to do school work. Could I be a doctor right now? Definitely not, but with some hard work and some schooling I definitely wouldn’t rule it out. I strongly feel that competence can be taught, after all, we all weren’t born using computers, speaking, flying rockets to the moon, or preforming brain surgery. I also believe that I have very good ethics. Ethics are moral principles or virtues. Ethics are standards of what is right and what is wrong. I know that rape, murder, fraud, and stealing are wrong so I would never partake in these acts. Honesty, compassion and loyalty are ethics that I practice in life regularly. I believe that I also possess emotional intelligence. I am aware of my emotions and I feel that I have great control over my emotions, but I am not too good at expressing my emotions. I have the ability to recognize when someone is happy, angry, or upset.
Being mindful, competent, ethical, and having emotional intelligence is important personally, academically, and professionally. It is important personally because all these things together make up who I am and help me communicate with others. If I am mindful and emotionally intelligent I can communicate things to other such as friends or family members not only verbally but also with non-verbal communication. It’s not about what is being said but how it is being said with body language and facial expressions. Understanding competence and ethics help in the academic field. This is the guiding light I use in school. Ethics keep me on track and honest in a world where copy and paste is easy and available. Competence helps me learn new things by relating them to similar things I have learned in the past. This is something that is very important to have academically. Without competence I would not...

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