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Sars Essay

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1. IntroductionSevere Acute Respiratory Syndrome, also known as SARS, is a new disease, which has its origins in Guangdong Province, China. SARS earliest cases have been identified in mid-November 2002. Since then, cases of SARS have been reported in 17 countries. The current number of cases of SARS is 2781 with 111 deaths . The global case-fatality rate for probable SARS is 4% .As of March 21, 2003, most patients, who have been identified, have been previously healthy adults aged 25-70 years. A few suspected cases of SARS have been reported among children ? 15 years.1.1. Case Definitions of SARSThe Centres of Disease Control and Prevention has sequenced the genome for coronavirus believed to be responsible for the global epidemic of severe respiratory syndrome or SARS. The sequence data confirm that the SARS coronavirus is a previously unrecognised coronavirus.SARS appears to spread most commonly by close person-to-person contact involving exposure to infections droplets, and possible by direct contact with infected body fluids.1.2. Symptoms·The illness begins with high fever (>38º). Sometimes associated with chills and rigors and sometimes accompanied by other symptoms including headache, malaise and myalgias.·After 3-7 days, a lower respiratory phase begins with onset of dry, non-productive cough or dyspnea and that may be accompanied by or progress to hypoxemia.1.3. TreatmentsTreatments regimes have included a variety of antibiotics to presumptively treat known bacterial agents of atypical pneumonia. In several locations, therapy has also included antiviral agents such as oseltamivir or ribavirin. Steroids have also been given orally or intravenously to patients in combinations with ribavirin and other antimicrobials. At present, the most efficacious treatment regime is unknown.2.Locations MethodsI have used varies search engines, but for me far the best search engines at the moment is This search engines searches not only under and it also searches through varies other ones, like, etc.I have found the information about SARS through as well as Both of them had more or less the same information, which I was looking for. However, as searches also other search engines, I am fonder of that search engine.At the beginning it was very difficult to find out how I am supposed to find the best websites for my subject, as SARS is a very important topic at the moment. Therefore most of the newsagents and relevant news web pages are writing about it. Then I have tried to narrow the subject down through writing out SARS, as SARS means also varies other things. Like in Russia there is an investment bank, which has the name of SARS etc. So I wrote out SARS and through using, I came across two very good website.The first one was and the second one that was also very important and informative was...

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