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Sasaeng Fans: Beyond Admiration Essay

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On the other hand, sasaeng fans are only tied to public officials in terms of political terms. The sudden rise has become a national concern for South Korea because of safety of celebrities. Even I am curious about their personal lives and interactions with other members in their dorms. Members of the same idol group live together in a dorm until they earn enough money or become successful. Sometimes I wonder if the idols are putting on a show and faking their personality when the cameras are on. Sasaeng fans like to break in into celebrities’ home. They would search for personal and memorable items. Lee Jin-ki, a law professor at Sungkyunkwan University said, “As such, sasaengs are not arrested for invasion of privacy” (Bennett). They can, however, be arrested for defamation, blackmail or threat." News on sasaeng fans is very common in South Korea, yet the government is not doing much. The actions of the sasaeng fans are ungovernable because there aren’t that many laws in Korea to suppress them. They can not get into deep trouble with the police. Calling the police on them would be a waste of time because they release them immediately. Sasaeng fans are charged with minor offenses even if they get sued. Although they are getting attention, there has not been news of them getting caught. There have been times where I wanted to even take a peek inside an idol's house. However, it is impossible to get permission from the owner. Aside from my curiosities I still would not do what a sasaeng fan would do. If it is something that a celebrity hates, a loyal fan should not do it. Another lawyer in “[ENG SUB] Sasaeng Criminal Activity” stated, "Those actions committed by sasaeng fans can be legally punished. According to the Criminal Law, housebreaking and indecent assault can be applied and they can be sentenced to at most 10 years." Most of the sasaeng fans are underage, and the government can not punish them for their crimes. Age should not matter in this case because the fact that they go unpunished allows them roam free. They are being treated too weakly by authorities. One who breaks in is worthy of punishment. It is likely they will steal valuable and personal items. Celebrities need privacy rights because it is unfair for sasaeng fans to torment them like this. Sasaeng fans may not know that they will be held responsible for these actions. But even if they know, they will still commit it secretly.
I had taken a liking to K-Pop when I was in elementary school, so it has been a long time for me. I did not spend much time with my parents; I spent most of my childhood playing by myself. K-Pop was there for me, and I was there during the beginning of the K-Pop era. Even though I have been a K-pop fan for so long, I never went to a concert before. The thought of seeing my idols up close is exciting, but I never had the courage to go alone. Joan, a Singaporean sasaeng fan, said, "On our own, I doubt we will dare to do anything so daring, but in a group,...

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