Satan's Speeches

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European Scientific Journal May edition vol. 8, No.11 ISSN: 1857 - 7881 (Print) e - ISSN 1857- 7431
Hayder AlHamdany
The University of South Australia, The Division of Education, Arts and Social sciences, School of
As globalization spreads investigation of the teaching of English grammar in the ESL/EFL
context is of critical interest to learners. This comparative study examined the place of grammar
in the ESL context; described the kind of grammar that is used by teachers to design teaching
activities in ESL classes; and discusses the implications for English grammar teaching with
regards to the investigator‟s own experiences. Data was collected by recording observations of
teaching methods during ESL Cookery lessons, using a notebook and pen. The two teachers of
the class were also interviewed. The results showed that the chosen grammatical teaching
strategies were effective in this classroom in that they engaged students in interactive and
contextual learning.
Keywords: Systemic Functional Grammar, Students‟ communicative skills
The usefulness of Systemic Functional Grammar and its impact on students' communicative
skills in ESL context

European Scientific Journal May edition vol. 8, No.11 ISSN: 1857 - 7881 (Print) e - ISSN 1857- 7431
An understanding of how teachers are utilizing grammar to design teaching activities can
inform the education community as to best practices. Improvement of students‟ communicative
capacities appears to be linked to teaching delivery. Current research highlights the importance
of reflective writing practices by teachers, to be aware of their learning style and areas for
development. Moreover, how teachers employ the style of grammar chosen can enlighten
educators as to alternative ways of enhancing meaning-making in student‟s learning experiences.
The following paper will demonstrate the direct positive impact a teacher‟s curriculum
design can have on student learning of ESL grammar. Firstly, the teaching context for this study
will be outlined. Secondly, a literature review will be provided to place the research in a larger
body of work. Following, an analysis of one of the teacher‟s responses to three registers of
systemic functional grammar will be described, to identify how each of these are specifically
applied to the teaching of grammar. Finally, a conclusion will summarise the main points of this
paper to show the necessity of ESL teachers to focus on how grammar strategies are taught.
Ultimately, it is anticipated that this research will inform ESL teachers as to better practices to
enable the effective development of communication skills amongst ESL students.
The context of this study is a cookery/ESL class at Thebareton Senior Collage, located in
Western Adelaide. The college is the only adult New Arrivals Program provider...

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