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The UFO crash site in Roswell New Mexico in 1947 was the start of people’s interest in extraterrestrials, the discovery of military secrets and experiments kept from society, and the start, in search of answering are we alone in this universe.
An unidentified flying object fell at Roswell New the first week of July in 1947. A rancher the next day after a fierce thunder storm went out with his son on horses to go check on sheep. While he was riding the horse he noticed unusual debris of metal scattered over a huge part of his ranch. As he kept on inspecting the land he saw a huge trench several hundred feet long gouged to the ground. He decided to gather some of the debris of the unusual ...view middle of the document...

The evidence of all this was taken by the military. All the public interest speeded the news through the United States and the idea that alien bodies were found during the recovery of the flying disk (Marshall, Brian).
Glenn Dennis was a young mortician who worked in Ballard Funeral Homes, he had a meeting with a nurse from the military at a coffee shop and the nurse asked Glenn for the availability of hermetically seal caskets and for his recommendations of the preservation of the bodies. Than the nurse got a napkin and drew a sketch of the aliens. Glenn kept the sketch of the drawings and later the military sent the nurse that he had a meeting with to Europe for a while (crash and recovery Roswell UFO incident). The air force cover up began when they said that the debris found was simply from a weather balloon they been testing. (Kal K. Karoff).
Project Mogul was a secret project in 1947 which involved the constant-level balloon trains that had many different type of technology on board for the intelligent gathering process. This project was about weather balloons that could remain at a constant height and which the military used to spy on the former Soviet Union. This was after WWII and was used to determine the possibilities of the soviet countries building up their nuclear weapons. This project was very top secrete. It was secrete like when the U.S was developing the A-bomb (kal k. karoff).
The mysterious crash at Roswell New Mexico left dead extraterrestrials littering the landscape and a government cover up. The wreckage was strewn over a distance of 200-yards and the debris consisted of: rubber strips, tinfoil, wood sticks, scotch tape, and other tapes with a floral design. Ten days after this accident, a pilot named Kenneth Arnold was flying near Washington’s state cascade mountains. While he was flying he spotted what he described as nine disk like objects flying in formation at about 1200 m.p.h. Arnold’s report , yet unexplained, immediately gave rise to other sightings and by the fourth of...

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