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Satelite Industry And International Trade. Essay

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The Satellites History of development has of course political beginning, as a new coming technology with great possibilities, satellites technology had to find interest in political leaders minds at first and than to appear in hands of military sources. Here keeping and showing power played the leading role in pushing the progress and outer space turned to be a new battlefield.Not so long ago, satellites were exotic, top-secret devices. They were used primarily in a military capacity, for activities such as navigation and espionage. Now they are an essential part of our daily lives. We see and recognize their use in weather reports, television transmission by DIRECTV and the DISH Network, and everyday telephone calls.From over eight thousand atificial objects orbiting Earth near 2,500 are satellites, operative and inoperative. Satellites come in many shapes and sizes and have many uses. Communications satellites are used to send TV signals to homes all ower the world. Today, there are more than 500 communications satellites orbiting Earth. Satellites are used also as relay systems to send signals anywhere on Earth. On the picture are seen overlapping footprints of four different satellites. If you wanted to send a signal from Africa to Southeast Asia, you could bounce, or relay, the signal using more than one satellite.A brief look at the international space community, technology trends and opportunities shows the great prospective of this technology, policy and economic trends connected with it and impressive commercially viable space applications of the future.BeginningFirst two Sputniks became reality in Soviet Union on October 4 and November 3, 1957. It was a result of government reconnaissance program in defense, science and outer space so the leading position was held by Soviets. They made two overflights of the U.S which found a great resonance in public.As early as 1954, the U.S. Air Force had been flying "weather balloons," equipped with automatic onboard cameras, from an air base in Germany across the wide expanse of the former Soviet Union to the Pacific Ocean, for retrieval from water by the United States.By 1955, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin, working with the Air Force, began designing a low-orbit reconnaissance satellite system. The project was soon moved out of the Air Force and became the Discoverer "science" satellite system. From August 1960 through February 1962, Discoverer satellites were able to obtain a vast amount of reconnaissance photography, dropped in capsules to the Pacific Ocean for U.S. retrieval.The third facet, also involving the CIA and Lockheed Martin, centered on the high-flying U-2 jet aircraft and CIA pilots engaged in "weather studies." The flights began in 1956 and continued flying over the Soviet Union until pilot Francis Gary Powers and his U-2 were shot down by Soviet missiles on May 1, 1960.These reconnaissance tactics revealed clearly that the Soviets...

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