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Satilites How They Work What They Do. Also Geostaionary And Types Of Satellites.

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Satellites.A satellite is basically any object that revolves around a planet in a circular or elliptical path. The three types of communication satellites that I choose are Weather satellites, Astronomy satellites and communication satellites.Weather satellites are used for to predict the whether all around the world. Because of the weather satellites technology we can find out the weather anytime in the world. Weather satellites are also used to send radiation measurements from the earths surface and atmosphere and give information on the amount of heat and energy being released from the earth's and the earths atmosphere, Weather satellites are also used for people who fish for a living as they can find out valuable information about the temperature of the sea from measurements that the satellites makes. Whether satellites are located orbiting very high above the earth, at an altitude of 35,800 kilometers the (orbital altitude). Weather satellites are owned by Russia and Canada.Astronomy satellites are used to see into space as they can see into space up to ten times better than a telescope of similar strength on earth. Astronomy satellites are also used to make star maps; they can be used to study mysterious phenomena such as the black holes and the quasar. Astronomy satellites can also be used to take pictures of the planets in the solar systems and they can be used to make maps of different planetary surfaces. Astronomy satellites are located in orbit above earth at 22,338 miles. Astronomy satellites are owned by the united sates Australia also own one.Communication satellites allow radio, television, and telephone transmissions to be sent live anywhere in the world. It is difficult to go through a day without using a communication satellite at least once, either directly or in directly. The signals which travel in a straight line could not bend around the earth to reach a destination far away. Communication satellites also allow us to watch television make long distance calls and listen to the radio. With a dish connected to your TV set communication satellites allow people to pick up signals directly from the communication satellites and receive more channels. This is called satellite television. Communication satellites are often located in geostationary orbits. At the...

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