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Satire Essay

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Homelessness poses a serious threat in all countries as people are exposed in an unsafe environment and try to live on change. “Do you have any spare change?” No I don’t have spare change, get a job you animal. We see people all over the streets holding signs and bringing their children to ask for change but during that whole time they could be doing something productive, like getting a job. Homelessness is a problem everywhere and its worse in other countries but here in America we have it rough. We have the means to fix homelessness with giving jobs to them in the fields of science and energy.
Throughout history there has always been a lower class society and some even lower than that which are known as the homeless. The homeless are people who don’t own homes or don’t live in their own home so they have to live in public places like shelters or even on the street. Homeless like to come out from the shadows and target the weak like a father with his daughter. They target specific groups so they know they can get money out of them easily instead of having to work for it. Homeless people are lazy to get jobs unless they are handed it so they would just sit down on their butts and do nothing until an opportunity comes to them. Homeless people are lazy and don’t want to work for themselves and have to get others to do their work for them because we think they are useless and therefore won’t do anything.
There are many other cases of why the homeless are homeless like domestic violence, mental illness, addictions, and unaffordable health care. Homelessness is a problem which has been caused by many different aspects but mainly money because of massive unemployment rates. A hidden aspect to homelessness that we may not think of is the factor in which homeless people are lazy and invest their money into useless things like alcohol instead of nice clothes and a razor. Homeless people are a detriment to society because they threaten people and cause crime with robbery’s which means we, the better people, lose our valuables. Homelessness isn’t just a problem, it is a lifestyle.
I know what you are thinking, “But but but…. We have homeless shelters...” We do have homeless shelters which give them a place to sleep and food and guess what that encourages... It brings out pure laziness. Shelters bring encourage a hangout for these terribly lazy people and they don’t have to work for it. Shelters bring destruction to our community as we don’t want a gathering place for these scrubs. They don’t do anything productive so they truly are a menace to our society. Shelters bring nothing to assist the problem at hand, they only contribute to a bigger problem at hand because a gathering of a smelly smell that is smelly to one place which will spread all throughout the city.
Obama has passed a law which gives money to prevent homeless but that helps the homeless continue to just sit on their behinds all day and do nothing. Obama is making homes and making them...

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