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INTRODUCTIONSatyam Computer Services better known as Satyam was incorporated in 1987 by Mr. Ramalingam Raju. this company is an information technology (IT) services company that provides a broad range of IT services such as software development, application integration, consulting and enterprise business solutions, engineering design support, e-commerce and consulting.Satyam is headquarter in India and has software development centres in the US, the UK, Middle East, Singapore, Japan and Australia. it was the first IT company in India to be recommended for a companywide BS7799-1999 standard certification.Satyam's networks spanned from 46 countries, across 6 continents and employing over 20 000 IT professionals. Satyam entered into the Europe in 1997 with the setting up of a development centre in the UK. This growth accelerated due to the increased flow of outsourcing work from this region.CONTENT ANALYSISIn-depth description about the ethics and influencing in relation to the Satyam Corporation.Ethics means the fundamental concepts and principles of right human conduct. It include study of universal ethics such as the necessary equality of all men and women, human or natural rights, compliance to the law of land, concern for health and safety and natural environment. Is further describing by the attention that has been paid to leaders at all levels. They should have some principles of ethical and moral leadership. If a leader values fairness he or she will evaluate group members on the basis of their performance, not personal equations.An ethical problem cannot be resolved unless it is first recognized as a dilemma. Reward or punishment to ethical integrity and moral courage decide the act of an individual. The existence of rules, policies, job descriptions and cultural norms will discourage individuals from unethical behaviour even if they have a weak moral sense. But in the presence of unethical all organizational culture and arrangement even highly moral individuals may become corrupt.The board failed to discharge the duty of diligence and care as it has given its consent for the achievement of highly non synergic business without actually looking into the long term strategy. In spite of the shareholders not being taken into confidence, the directors went ahead with the management's decision. Over dependence and faith on the chairman & senior management in decision making process put a big question mark on the impartial and prudent decision making of independent directors. They also failed to meet periodically to access what's happening in the Satyam. They failed in their duty of supervision.The culture at Satyam, mainly dominated by the board, symbolized such an unethical culture. In the case of Mr. Raju, Satyam, as the smallest of the big four players, was under pressure to show extraordinary results in order to survive. Apart from that there was hunger causing the brothers to spoil in illegal and unethical activities. Furthermore, his...

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