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Saudi Arabia Essay

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Air Pollution in Saudi Arabia + Outline
Globally, Saudi Arabia is ranked 5th in air pollution (Taha n.p). The world health organization ranks Saudi Arabia’s capital city Riyadh behind New Delhi, Lahore, Ulan and Ahvaz. Ahvaz, is the worst affected by air pollution. A point to record is that most of these countries are within the Middle East and most of them are involved in oil production. In addition, Mexico City, Beijing and Moscow have also been reported to be among the highly polluted cities across the globe. This being the situation, in Saudi Arabia the authorities are trying to counter the air pollution by all means. However, the process has faced a lot challenges. The basic reason why ...view middle of the document...

When these sandstorms show up, they suspend large amounts of soil particles in the atmosphere and people in such surroundings inhale those fine soil particles. This is a very serious scenario that causes respiratory problems to people leaving in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia is the largest producer and exporter of petroleum. The oil reserves found in Saudi Arabia alone account for a fifth of the world’s oil reserves. This ranks Saudi Arabia second in oil production business across the world. In the recent past, the oil industry in Saudi Arabia has witnessed a tremendous boom. Unfortunately, this boom has resulted to environmental pollution. The Saudi Arabian coastline has been one of the victims of pollution of the environment in this country. This is because the oil power companies along the coastline and the associated industries like desalination firms have led to chemical, oil and swage outflows in to the ocean. Nevertheless, the worst impact of the development of the oil industry in Saudi Arabia is notably the atmospheric pollution. Burning oil fields have been major source of the atmospheric pollution in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, some of these oil burning fields are not based in Saudi Arabia thus making it difficult for the Saudi Arabian government to have authority over them. For example, during the Iraq-Kuwait Gulf war, lots of oil fields were set ablaze and the heavy effects of this pollution were felt in Saudi Arab (Breysse et al. 81). The Saudi Arabian atmosphere was contaminated by heavy burning oil fume gases.
The oil boom also in Saudi Arabia has led to establishment of many other companies that are involved in processing of products. These companies are heavy consumers of oil and give out gases that are very dangerous to the atmosphere. For example, the refineries companies in Saudi Arabia are very many and the gases they release to the atmosphere destroy the environment.
Due to the large chunks resources coming from the oil industry, there has been a tremendous social economic development of the people of Saudi Arabia. Their economic purchasing power has been greatly improved and they can buy heavy equipment they want from any part of the world. For example, the population in Saudi can afford heavy oil consuming cars. Consequently, many people in Saudi drive. This has led to increased traffic in the roads. When motorists are caught up in traffic jams, they emit carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases that are incompletely burned. The direct result of this effect is pollution of the atmosphere. The unburned gases coming from the exhaust pipes of these vehicles are very dangerous when suspended in the atmosphere to both the human beings and other living things.
The Saudi Arabian topology has also been a natural cause of the air pollution. The mountainous and flat grounds alternately make it easy for the storms to blow across and collect the soil particles. With a large part of the land being a desert, even a slight blow...

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