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Saudi Arabia Culture And The Islamic Faith

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Cultures are unique in many ways; it is irregular to see cultures that are exactly the same as another. While some may borrow parts from neighboring countries or villages, all in all, their unique differences are what make each culture significant. One of the things about the Saudi Arabia and the culture is how derived it is around history, faith, marketing, control, and how westernization affects the country. Other things that will be discussed about the country Saudi Arabia relates to what is important not only to me, but also the way we as Americans culturally identify ourselves with the women of the country.
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First off, the Koran contains things that the bible does not. It contains things such as social, political and economic law. Unlike the USA, this country has no separation of church and state. This basically means that to be a citizen of Saudi you must fully commit to the Muslim faith and abide by the by-laws of the Koran because it serves as the functioning body of their government. Secondly, Saudi Arabia came into wealth so strongly because of the economic surplus of oil that is found in this country. By 2010, the population of 26 million had a per capita of $24,200. As US consumers we deal with Saudi Arabia often because of this large supply of oil the country has at their fingertips.
Two significant things that relate to subjects I am passionate about is media and women. In Saudi Arabia media is heavily controlled by private companies that work with the government to filter out anything to Koran would deem as immoral. The country as a whole has only 10 newspapers that are published and 9 magazines. The marketing and control differences between the United States and this country are so extreme. Westernization is slowly corrupting the public with twitter and Facebook. It...

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