Saulot, A Vampire And Classification Of True Daeva

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Clan: True Daeva
Progenitor: Troile
House: Tirinavich

There is little consistency in the knowledge about the Daeva progenitor because the stories may confuse three individuals: the Troile (triplets). One was a creature of fierce unpredictability responsive to her passions and desires like a leaf to the wind. Another was a cold, humourless, and ruthless pragmatist who was constantly calculating machinations of future events. The final one, a prophetess torn in between her siblings trying to please both yet find compromise and lead them and their childer. What events caused the betrayal of Troile is unknown, but clan history surmises that Troile diablerised the others and claimed the ...view middle of the document...

Many of the Succubi seized the moment and followed Troile’ s example, diablerizing sages to incorporate their logic to temper their passions. .
The Sage’s next major moment is also its greatest moment. The True Daeva engineered a Phoenician colony, Carthage, for another grand experiment. The True Daeva say that Carthage was a utopia — a city where Kindred ruled over kine lived in harmonious accord, the machinations of the sages were so subtle the kine considered it a land where justice reigned. Other clans, and history, tell the story somewhat differently. Their gods, offering their children to the flames of Belial, cowed the Carthaginians and, apparently if the blood of sacrifices should flow down the gullet of an Ancient, Belial would not mind. Exactly what happened in Carthage is dependent on who speaks of it - the True Daeva claim paradise; the other clans claim the presence of Brood and sacrifice. The True Daeva who were there, however, admit and acknowledge that both accounts are true.
Some believe it was a campaign against the infernal vampire Ancient, which caused the fall of Carthage. In truth, it was the fact that the True Daeva refused to bow to the rule of the Camarilla and fold under the dominion of Rome. After three Punic Wars, a resounding defeat concluded invasion. Once again, without a home, the Sages took to hiding from all other kindred. They took having their influence be ubiquitous yet invisible to all as they enacted a plan to become secret masters of the world. After sowing the seeds of their master plan, they began to reinsert themselves into vampire politics, often acting as privy’s to princes. Jealous to the elevation of station that the Sage’s council bought, the succubi waged war on their cousin’s anew. Desperate from the propaganda campaign set against them as diablerists and...

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