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Sauropod Dinosaurs Essay

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Sauropod Dinosaurs


Sauropod is Greek word which means ‘footed like a lizard’. Sauropods were a large species of dinosaurs that were herbivorous in their mode of feeding. They had very unique characteristics that could easily differentiate them from other dinosaurs. Sauropods are known to be the biggest dinosaurs that have ever existed (Klein, 2011). These types of dinosaurs are among the most fascinating creatures that have ever lived. Their extinction was a great loss to humanity.
Sauropod dinosaurs were extremely big size. They varied in sizes depending on their age. Young Anchisaurids were 8 feet long while the giant ones like diplodocidis, titanosauris ...view middle of the document...

Thus, sauropods would stand at a firm ground and their long necks would reach the wet places (Klein, 2011).
They had an additional sacral vertebrae and leg bone that interlocked hence enabling them to operate like pillars. This helped them to support their tremendous weights. They had a special way of defending themselves from predators. Research suggests that their bones grew and thickened by about a tenth of a millimeter per day thus they grew up at a very high rate during the immature years (Thomas, 2011). This was an adaptation that effectively allowed them to defense themselves against predators. From this, mature sauropods had grown claws and horns that could harm any predator that came in the way. In addition, they had very long tails that were very strong and flexible. Hence, they would protect themselves from the predators that attacked from behind.
Sauropods had their nostrils placed on their skulls unlike other vertebrates whose were found at the snout. It is even more fascinating that their nostrils were sometimes found to be near the eyes. It is also believed that they had a second brain which was placed at the tail (Klein, 2011). However, researchers now realize that what was perceived to be a brain was perhaps simply a spinal cord enlargement at the hip part that had nerves and tissues made of fats. This enlargement was thought to be what controlled the tail and hind limbs.
However, it still remains a mystery of who were the ancestors of the sauropods dinosaurs. Many people believe differently. Some researchers say that...

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