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During the 1800's the Native Americans kept the peace while the Americans were self-serving in their pursuit of land. The Americans believe in the Manifest Destiny. The Native Americans did all that they could to remain in peace with the Americans. The Americans fought persistently with the Native Americans to gain Native American lands. The Americans wanted to move the Native Americans of what they thought was land given to them by God.
The Americans believed they had the power to control all of the U.S., because they were given the right to by God. They also believed that the Native Americans knew about the Manifest Destiny, and that they should move off of the 'American' lands. The Americans thought that the Native Americans leaving their lands was, “a touching sight,”(Brown 31), that the Native Americans had realized that leaving their pasts behind was their destiny. The Americans believed that Native Americans felt obligated to move off of the land because of the Manifest Destiny. They believed that the Native Americans were happy to leave. The Americans also thought that by moving the Native Americans to reservations that they were helping the Native Americans. The reservations, the Americans thought would “free them from the power of the states,”(Jackson 133) and force the Native Americans to move to leave their 'savage' ways behind. They thought that by forcing the Native Americans to assimilate to the Americans that they Native Americans would be “a happy and prosperous people,”(Jackson133) instead of the savages the Americans believed them to be. The Americans believed that because the Native Americans had realized that it was there destiny to give up their lands that the Native Americans were going to be eager to join the American's culture, which would make them happier then they had been before they had given up their lands. The Americans
created laws about the Native Americans joining the American culture. One law allowed that any Native American who had moved to an assigned reservation and decides to adopt the ideas of American life then they were considered to be a “citizen of the United States”(Dawes Act) and would be given all rights that Americans had. When Native Americans did not leave their lands as the Americans had believed, they resorted to violence even though the Native Americans refused to fight them.
The Native Americans wanted to be nonviolent towards the Americans while trying to keep their lands. Many Native American chiefs including the chiefs of the Tetons wanted to remain on good terms with the Americans, even if it meant signing a treaty. One of the chiefs who wanted peace was Spotted Tail. He was not interested in leaving his ways of life behind but he was willing to compromise to avoid war”,(Brown 10) especially if compromising meant keeping his people safe. Spotted Tail knew that if he did not compromise then he would lose everything because the...

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