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Savages At Hand Essay

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William Golding stated that “Lord of the Flies as an attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects of human nature.” Golding uses dynamic symbols in Lord of the Flies to prove society’s problems today are because of defects in human nature. Ralph symbolizes how appearance and good looks wins the heart of the community, while Piggy symbolizes intelligence and wisdom. Jack , the tyrant leader that uses fear to dominate and control society, while Simon uses peace and love to show gratitude to the community. Golding manipulates his major characters to prove that humans are full of defects.
Ralph is Golding’s way of representing our natural human defect on how we chose to follow attractive and powerful appearing leaders. Golding makes Ralph the leader of the community of boys, when he says “Shut up… Seems to me we ought to have a chief to decide things.” (22). Roger, a “littleun”, in the beginning of the book gives the idea of having a vote, which Ralph wins by a landslide. Golding states “None of the boys could have found good reason for this; what intelligence had been shown was traceable to Piggy, while the most obvious leader was Jack.” (22). The author gives the reader a beautiful description of Ralph “But there was a stillness about Ralph as he sat that marked him out: there was his size, and attractive appearance; and most obscurely; yet more powerfully, there was the conch.”(22). Ralph’s appearance shows that he is dominant over the choir. Through Ralph, Golding is showing us that we like to have leaders that are strong and handsome. Just in current events Arnold Schwarzenegger, a previous California governor, has gained major media attention from his divorce. The media and the public love to watch beautiful people on the television set.
Golding uses Piggy as a major character that shows good leadership cannot exist without wisdom and knowledge. With Piggy, Golding revels to the reader that wisdom and knowledge are not equal to appearance or physical power. Even though in the begging of the novel Ralph was the first one to make fun of Piggy he soon starts to find out that for him to continue being chief he will need Piggy’s help. Ralph suggests,” We can’t leave the littluns alone with Piggy. Not all night.” (117). Jack takes notice of Ralph protecting Piggy and mocks Ralph, “We mustn’t let anything happen to Piggy, must we?” (117). The author shows that physical power dominates wisdom and knowledge when the savants steal Piggy’s glasses. “They didn’t come for the conch. They came for something else. Ralph- - what am I going to do?” (168). “The chief led then, trotting steadily, exulting in his achievement…He made stabbing motions with his spear. From his left hand dangled Piggy’s broken glasses.” (168). Without wisdom and knowledge Ralph starts to become desperate and attempts to get Piggy’s glasses back. Physical power has overtaken wisdom and knowledge, and Ralph can’t do anything. Without wisdom and knowledge he has no...

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