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In the world of politics there are two very basic concepts that govern political thought and give rise to policies and laws. These two concepts are conservatism and liberalism. Liberalism supports a more active role of government, policies to help minorities and the disadvantaged, higher spending and more regulation and policies to redistribute wealth through taxation. Conservatism supports a greater reliance on the free market, a market in which the disadvantaged and minorities can support themselves, fewer government regulations, and lower taxes. I am a conservative. The ideas, which reflect conservative thought and play a role in free market society, are taxation, government regulations, and the minimum wage. These concepts govern the cost of doing business and therefore govern our free market.
Being a conservative I believe in a competitive free market society. We should be responsible for ourselves. The stronger the free market the more it will allow minorities and the disadvantaged to develop a sense of dependence and self-reliance. By giving assistance to minorities and the disadvantaged will only make them more dependent on government and society as a whole for their success. An example to show this idea can be seen in the animal kingdom. If an animal is given assistance they cease to do for themselves. If man stops caring for the animal they can no longer hunt or protect themselves. Therefore they must be assisted for life. If left alone they develop the necessary skills to survive.
I believe that if a citizen is allowed to keep more of their income they will spend and invest in ways that are most advantageous for themselves. Spending in the economy will allow for the circulation of money. For example – “Middle American family” is able to keep more of their income, as a result they have more money to allow for some luxuries such as bringing their clothes to the dry cleaners, or hiring someone to cut their lawn. Therefore more...

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